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Dream Evil - Six

Published May 27 2017

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Dream Evil
Sin City*
Creature Of The Night
Six Hundred And 66
How To Start A War
The Murdered Mind
Too Loud
44 Riders
Broken Wings
We Are Forever

Genre Heavy Metal
Niklas Isfeldt
Tracks 12
Mark U Black
Running time 52 Min.
Fredrik Nordström
Label Century Media
Peter Stålfors
Release May 26, 2017
Patrik Jerksten
Country Sweden
Producer Fredrik Nordström
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Swedish heavy metallers Dream Evil have, besides a couple of gigs 3-4 years ago, been inactive during the last 6 years since the outstretched and sparse tour in support of their last effort In The Night (Out January 2010). Such a long time between working together as a group for the recording of an album sometimes brings out a changed direction in music as a result of maturing and getting new influences along the road.

But fans who aren't looking for change don't have to worry the least about the band trying to find new outlets for their music, because Six is definitely following the Dream Evil vein and the band has absolutely not made an attempt to come out with something different than before. They surely pick up where they left and everything is more or less the same with tangible and kind of easy heavy metal riffs, music in the sphere of power and heavy metal, ridiculous lyrical content for the most part and sometimes identical song melodies.

I believe that the boys in the band have been really pumped to come out with new stuff, but are probably working under a strictly limited time schedule, hence over 7 years between albums, and therefore can't provide enough great material to fill up an entire record in a sense. The album goes back and forth between a couple of great songs and the ones that end up within the frames of pretty bland and it's like they in between have suddenly lost part of the feeling to create songs with good melody.

Dream Evil's return to the scene is for sure highly appreciated by some fans and those who really enjoy the music on the band's previous records will definitely find some good stuff on this one too, but personally I feel that the riffing style is being reused too many times and I also miss clear diversity over the album, so even though I certainly like what I hear quite often, it gets a little bit too much of the same in the end for me.

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5 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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