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Krypts - Remnants Of Expansion

Published October 08 2016

=Staff's pick

Arrow Of Entropy*
The Withering Titan
Remnants Of Expansion
Entrailed To The Breaking Wheel*

Genre Death Metal
Antti Kotiranta
Tracks 5
Ville Snicker
Running time 34 Min.
Jukka Aho
Label Dark Descent Records
Antti Kotiranta
Release October 28, 2016
Otso Ukkonen
Country Finland
Producer ---
Similar artists Demigod, Incantation, Grave

With their three years old debut album 'Unending Degradation' Krypts emerged as the forerunner of the new wave of Finnish old school death metal bands. The rotten pitch black sound from the early 90's was spot on and the music simultaneously intense and catchy. Just like the scene back in the 90's, the modern Finnish death metal has gained less attention than their brethren following the Swedish and Incantation schools. Krypts were therefore met with open arms by those who still worship Demigod and Purtenance.

It was hence written in the stars that 'Remnants of Expansion' would see Krypts ascend the Finnish throne of death. It would have been so easy. Just write an 'Unending Degradation, part II' and record it in the moldiest basement in Helsinki. However, Krypts had something similar, yet different in mind.

'Remnants of Expansion' is by all means Finnish death metal to the bone. Mostly dwelling in the slow and mid-tempo regions with dark spooky riffs and deep guttural growls, this surely follows the path of its predecessor at first glance. But compared to 'Unending Degradation', 'Remnants of Expansion' is far less immediate and accessible. It took me a while to figure out why the riffs did not get stuck as easily, but then I realized it.

'Remnants of Expansion' has dug even deeper into the filth its originators were exploring 25 years ago. This album is less about brutality and superficial horror and more about pulling out your true fears from deep within. Rather than focusing on neat riffs and structures made for slow headbanging, Krypts have created an album that could as well have been a single coherent song. This one is meant to experience, properly experience.

If one was looking for a soundtrack to the moments when you wake up and realize you have been buried alive, this would have been it. Not the part when the realization has hit full on and shrieks of horror fills the coffin, but those split seconds before the full grasp of the situation hits you! Clever song structures, held back growls, monotonous yet gripping riffs and a prominent bass guitar are the elements that lay the foundations.

Krypts could have taken the easy path and just followed in their own footsteps. Instead they strive to dig even deeper into death, horror and damnation. In the end it is a rewarding choice. The casual listener might shrug this off and keep playing the debut on their beer frenzied parties, but those who truly seeks the essence of death metal have something to sink their teeth into.








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