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Doro - Raise Your Fist In The Air

Published August 13 2012

=Staff's pick

Raise Your Fist In The Air*
Lève Ton Poing Vers Le Ciel

Genre Heavy Metal
Doro Pesch
Tracks 4
Bas Maas
Running time 16 Min.
Luca Princiotta
Label Nuclear Blast
Nick Douglas
Release 03 August 2012
Johnny Dee
Country Germany
Luca Princiotta
Producer Bruns, Pesch, Hansen
Similar artists ---

The metal queen's first recording on her new label Nuclear Blast is a four song effort. This EP is later to be followed by a full length album in late October. Let's just cut the bullshit and together go through the songs and see what they're made of and if they are worth listening to.

The opener and title track, Raise Your Fist In The Air is a fairly good song that's not new to me, since it's been played live on many occasions already and I guess I heard it for the first time about one year ago. It's a typical Doro song with light riffs and beats in the verse and a somewhat epic and easy digested chorus. It's produced with a kind of humming rhythm section, which annoys me a bit. This song was made to be played live and the last and pretty monotonous chorus is totally created for a sing-a-long.

Next track, Victory, shows more of Doro's industrial and sometimes modern style, which have been heard now and then in recent years. This is the EP's least good song, no question about it. Repetitious and dull with an Iron Man rip off as the first riff / noise. This song's production is somewhat humming as well and obviously this is no coincidence. A stylish guitar solo is drowned somewhere in a deep wall of sound and I hope the songs on the forthcoming album sound nothing like this. Crappy.

Engel is Doro's near hundredth try or so to record a new Für Immer. It's a neat ballad and a good try, but it doesn't reach all the way to above mentioned song. The lyrics are in German and since my knowledge in that language is limited and I only can figure out what the title means, see Google translate if you're interested in the rest. I like the song though and even if she hasn't been born with the world's greatest singing voice, she performs well here. I wouldn't mind her playing this track live instead of that old Warlock song, as I tend to love this song more and more for every time I listen to it.

The fourth and last song, Lève Ton Poing Vers Le Ciel, is just Raise Your Fist In The Air sung in French, so I won't even bother to write anything more about it.

That's it. So should you run out of your houses or click yourself through internet sites to purchase this new Doro release? Well, remember what you just read and make your own choice. I am not your father, just guidance.

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