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Crystal Viper - Queen Of The Witches

Published February 13 2017

=Staff's pick

The Witch Is Back*
I Fear No Evil
When The Sun Goes Down*
Trapped Behind
Do Or Die
Burn My Fire Burn
Flames And Blood
We Will Make It Last Forever
Rise Of The Witch Queen*
See You In Hell (CD bonus track)
Long Live The Loud (LP bonus track)

Genre Heavy Metal
Marta Gabriel
Tracks 10
Marta Gabriel
Running time 43 Min.
Andy Wave
Label AFM Records
Blaze J. Grygiel
Release February 17, 2017
Tomek "Golem" Danczak
Country Poland
Marta Gabriel
Producer Bart Gabriel
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Polish heavy metallers Crystal Viper return with their 6th record after putting the band to rest for a couple of years. The influences of the 80's heavy metal era are noticeable indeed and from time to time it kind of passes the extreme as it gets a little too close to ripping off the groove of Iron Maiden on some parts in a few songs. It's a thin line between borrowing stuff, influence and copying sometimes and if you ever consider to check out this album, just take a listen from the 2.45 mark and forward in Burn My Fire Burn and judge for yourself.

Most of the album's content is clearly not carbon copies of other bands' work, but a little too often I tend to hear bits and pieces or even longer parts that are just too reminiscent of things made in the past. It takes the edge off the album and overshadows it's capacity to some degree, as I over and over again put focus on that stuff in particular instead of the entirety, and considering that I've now chosen to spend a few lines to let people know about this matter, it probably exists one too many times on the album.

The heavy metal that the band performs is often quite powerful and aside from the ballads, Marta Gabriel's vocal effort is for the most part in the line of other female vocalists of bands like Battle Beast, Nightmare and Burning Point. If you haven't listen to this type of metal so frequently before, or just don't recognize the similarities that I mention, or simply just don't give a shit about originality, you will find that Queen Of The Witches comprises some fine material. I personally think that this effort is a pretty decent one after all, even if I obviously question its genuineness largely.

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