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Pretty Boy Floyd - Public Enemies

Published December 31 2017

=Staff's pick

Feel The Heat
High School Queen
Girls All Over The World
American Dream
We Can't Bring Back Yesterday
We Got The Power*
Do Ya Wanna Rock
Run For Your Life*
Shock The World
Paint It On
7 Minutes In Heaven*
Star Chaser
So Young So Bad

Genre Hard Rock/Glam Rock
Steve Summers
Tracks 14
Kristy Majors
Running time 45 Min.
Label Frontiers Music
Kristy Majors
Release December 1, 2017
Chad Stewart
Country USA
Producer Kristy Majors/Keri Kelli
Keri Kelli
Backing vocals
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3 and a half full length records or so out in 28 years, some major lineup changes back and forth, as well as also being on hiatus a couple of times. It's not like Pretty Boy Floyd stays current and is constantly on everybody's lips with that kind of infrequent release schedule, even if, to set the record straight, the band has been touring to some extent and has come out with an additional EP and live albums occasionally.

If someone familiar to this kind of music would have tried to foresee what this group of rockers could put out at this point in their career I guess that person would have come very close to the truth, because this is indeed reminiscent of the old days and it sounds almost like a tribute to themselves, but just of course with a more powerful production than the rather lame sound picture they had in the early stages.

In general I too understand what these guys are trying to come out with on this record and maybe I would have liked this one even a little bit more if it was still 1989, because now the music feels somewhat dated and something that in a sense belongs to a different time. Still, there is no beginning and there is no end to music anymore and at some point everything sort of goes in circles and at least in some way returns to the origin since there aren't any endless fountains of categories and perhaps stuff like this will get yet another strong revival some time soon.

They still have the right attitude for this type of music, no doubt about it, and the lyrics are for the most part in the '80s style about chicks, youth, dreams, true/imagined experiences and such subjects. Juvenile indeed, but hey, that's their style and what this genre was always about and it would be just unfair to look at this with different eyes and one thing is for sure: if you don't fancy shit like this to begin with, do yourself a favor and just stay away from this one, okay?

Most bands usually fail when they, deliberately or not, make an attempt to recreate their ancient past or their most popular era, but I think that the guys in Pretty Boy Floyd definitely get away with it without causing any kind of trouble and they can walk out of the room still with their heads held high.








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