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Magnum - Lost On The Road To Eternity

Published January 18 2018

=Staff's pick

Peaches And Cream
Show Me Your Hands
Storm Baby*
Welcome To The Cosmic Cabaret*
Lost On The Road To Eternity*
Without Love
Tell Me What You've Got To Say
Ya Wanna Be Someone
Forbidden Masquerade
Glory To Ashes*
King Of The World

Genre Melodic Hard Rock
Bob Catley
Tracks 11
Tony Clarkin
Running time 67 Min.
Label Steamhammer/SPV
Al Barrow
Release January 19, 2018
Lee Morris
Country England
Rick Benton
Producer Tony Clarkin
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This record bears a strong resemblance to the last couple of releases from this constellation with songwriter and guitarist Tony Clarkin and lead vocalist Bob Catley as the two main characters. It's kind of like: if someone would shuffle pretty much every song Magnum has made since 2012 and put them in a box and then decide to pick out one song after another randomly it would be a real challenge to place that one on the right album. Yes, I know; a pointless, twisted idea and for what reason you might ask, but I'm sure you get the message…

These guys never cease to amaze me regarding how they can push a tune forward to a higher plane, because even if it's chiefly pretty light hard rock that's brought out over the record they so often set an incredible drive to the music and thereby keep up the excitement for what's to come deeper into each track. It's definitely true artistry to be able to express such strong attraction so frequently throughout an album and it's damn near impossible to lose attention for more than just a short moment or stop being curious about the next step ahead in a sense.

So, if you're satisfied with what the band has come out with on the most recent albums you're rather likely going to find a large amount of good enough material to embrace this new one and take it to your heart as well. Magnum as almost always I must say delivers a very solid record and I can't say I expected anything less either and if I hadn't found that certain similarity between Lost On The Road To Eternity and its precursors I would probably have rated it even higher.

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7 chalices of 10 - Tobbe

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