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Tankard - Hymns For The Drunk

Published December 26 2017

=Staff's pick

Need Money For Beer*
New Liver Please!
Slipping From Reality
Die With A Beer In Your Hand*
We're Coming Back
We Still Drink The Old Ways
The Beauty And The Beast
Zombie Attack
(Empty) Tankard*
The Morning After
Medley (Alcohol, Puke, Mon Cheri, Wonderful Life)
Octane Warriors
Stay Thirsty!
Time Warp*
Rules For Fools

Genre Thrash Metal
Andreas Geremia
Tracks 17
Andreas Gutjahr
Running time 77 Min.
Label AFM Records
Frank Thorwarth
Release January 12, 2018
Olaf Zissel
Country Germany
Producer Andy Classen
Similar bands -

Michael Mainx (Producer on track 16 and 17). Manfred Schwing (Assistant producer on track 16 and 17).

AFM Records launches a best of compilation from German thrashers Tankard's tenure with the label in 2002-2010, including a couple of tracks from the Best Case Scenario: 25 Years In Beers album, which itself is a collection of re-recorded versions of songs up to the year of 1995.

This unit rarely drops its thrash metal roots and pretty much every damn track on this album is to the fullest extent following the true vein of the band. If you're someone who's looking for constant variation in music, Tankard should never be your first choice when you pick an album to listen to; or the hundredth or even the thousandth for that matter, because consistency and solidity seem to be two keywords for the band's whole existence and any kind of significant change appears to be of no actual concern or importance to these guys.

It's fast, wild and intense for almost the entire 77 minutes of playing time and even if these veterans are perhaps better known to some people for their alcohol-themed lyrics than for the actual music they do put out, this selection definitely consists a good amount of attractive songs for the fan of speedy music, whether you prefer to savor the band's music and their often sort of amusing texts casually or with your headphones firmly attached to your ears.

Do fans to the band need an album like Hymns For The Drunk? Certainly not, as the real fans have all or at least most of this material in their collection already. There is no new stuff on this one either, so it would just be buying the exact same stuff twice. But sure, if you're a hardcore fan, go ahead, make the boys proud. Is it a good album to check out Tankard for the very first time then? Yes, I believe it is, as it surely covers their straight-out style and in a sense also the first 25 years of their career.

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