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Candlemass - Death Thy Lover

Published May 30 2016

=Staff's pick

Death Thy Lover
Sleeping Giant
Sinister And Sweet*
The Goose

Genre Doom/Heavy Metal
Mats Levén
Tracks 4
Lars Johansson
Running time 26 Min.
Mats Björkman
Label Napalm Records
Leif Edling
Release June 3, 2016
Jan Lindh
Country Sweden
Producer ---
Similar artists ---

As most fans to these Swedish metallers have already heard, Psalms For The Dead from 2012 was supposed to be the band's final record, yet, since things are ever changeable in the music industry, this unit now puts out a 26 minute 4 track EP to draw some attention to the 30 year anniversary of the band's first, and genre defining, record Epicus Doomicus Metallicus.

Even if vocalist Mats Levén has been involved in the band activities in one way or another, such as putting his voice to the demos for quite a few years at this point, Death Thy Lover is his first real recording with Candlemass. Because he's already a familiar voice in this realm, it's a no-brainer that his contribution is quite fitting for this piece of work and without a doubt he delivers what's expected from him.

The EP takes off with an up-tempo track with a kind of pop influenced chorus, which arguably are products of the direction in the 2000's, and the 3 following tracks, of which the last one, The Goose, is an instrumental piece, are definitely heavier and includes a blend between new and old stuff.

When I hear some fragments or longer lasting parts of old school Candlemass, I instantly think back to the early records and dream of lost times, but at the same time I realize that those moments were created 3 decades ago, in a completely different time, by a band in its youth. To try to reproduce or replicate earlier and remarkable stuff seem to be damn near impossible also for that matter, as many have tried and almost as many have failed to do so.

I would say that this EP basically sounds like a modern side of Candlemass with bits and pieces put in to fit the older style as well. The overall sound picture has a genuine dark and fateful mood and is, in a good sense, a little bit scruffy as well and absolutely suitable for this effort. The final result is definitely quite good and even if it's only 4 songs, I think that this work in the end solidifies the band's position as the leaders of this type of music.

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