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Iron Reagan - Crossover Ministry

Published January 31 2017

=Staff's pick

A Dying World*
You Never Learn
Grim Business
Dead With My Friends
No Sell
Condition Evolution
Fuck The Neighbors
Power Of The Skull
Crossover Ministry*
More War
Blatant Violence
Parents Of Tomorrow
Bleed The Fifth
Shame Spiral
Eat Or Be Eaten
Twist Your Fate

Genre Hardcore/Punk Metal
Tony Foresta
Tracks 18
Mark Bronzino
Running time 29 Min.
Landphil Hall
Label Relapse Records
Rob Skotis
Release February 3, 2017
Ryan Parrish
Country USA
Producer Landphil Hall
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Iron Reagan mainly comprises a bunch of veterans from a couple of kind of well-known bands within heavy, fast and brutal music and even if they all together depart from their original and past work on this recording; energy, some speedy material and forthright attitude are still important factors that they put to their music, regardless of which form it's packaged in.

This record proceeds in a quick pace as the band blends hardcore music with a metalized version of punk and to some extent throws some thrash metal elements into the whole stew as well. You will probably have to be a fan of this kind of music to begin with to really appreciate what this outfit has to offer and I'm the first to admit that I normally don't listen to stuff similar to what's on this record, because to me this is music made for people who prefer to mosh and ravage their brains out on a live concert and not for someone who would stand slightly outside the most intense crowd action and watch the show instead.

Crossover Ministry contains 18 songs spread out on less than a half hour and holds only 1 single song that crosses the 3 minute mark, making it into a product that apparently carries a lot of intensity and sudden changes. I'm definitely not fond of having such a large number of short songs over an entire record, because when I now and then start to dig a part or even some parts of a song, it kind of abruptly ends and I feel that I don't get the time to suck in and enjoy the music at all. This effort only has a couple of passable tracks in total and that's simply not a result good enough in my book and as a whole this one obviously doesn't appeal to me.








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