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Demonical - Chaos Manifesto

Published April 15 2018

=Staff's pick

A Void Most Obscure*
Towards Greater Gods
Sung to Possess
Välkommen Undergång*
Torture Parade
From Nothing*
Unfold Thy Darkness
Death Unfaithful

Genre Death Metal
Alexander Högbom
Tracks 8
Eki Kumpulainen
Running time 36 Min.
Johan Haglund
Label Agonia Records
Martin Schulman
Release March 23, 2018
Kennet Englund
Country Sweden
Producer Daniel Liden
Similar bands Dismember, Centinex, Amon Amarth

Demonical rose from the ashes of Centinex to deliver old-school Swedish death metal a few years before the huge retro wave took off and still swills the world to this day. The first two albums 'Servants of the Unlight' and 'Hellsworn' stuck to the roots of the filthy uncompromising Stockholm sound. 'Death Infernal' saw a turn towards a more melodic sound on some tracks with Amon Amarth being an obvious influence. On 'Darkness Unbound' these influences were even more prominent giving the album a split nature, rather than a coherent one.

We have now reached the band's fifth effort 'Chaos Manifesto'. As a whole, this one keeps treading the path of 'Darkness Unbound'. Fast, tremolo-riffing meets their more melodic counterparts with some melodic vocal lines put into the mix. The production fits the blend quite good, not too weak to drown the aggression nor too distorted to hide the melodic parts.

Most importantly, though, the band finally succeeds in merging the influences from Dismember and Amon Amarth into a coherent and natural entity. The result is a quite unique album walking the middle line between two death metal movements without ever seeming out of place.

'Chaos Manifesto' is a solid listen from start to finish without fillers, but not any of the monumental songs either as were seen on the debut and sophomore. Save for 'Välkommen undergång' which strikes a nerve with me. Be it the infectious Swedish lyrics or the simple but catchy riffing, this tune keeps me revisiting this album over and over.

With 'Chaos Manifesto' Demonical finally blends the influences from the two previous albums into a dark and filthy entity capturing the essence of what death metal has become since the early 90's. Although I still hold the first two albums as the bands finest moments, the path Demonical now walks is a necessary one. The band has always been strong songwriters and with the sound now comfortably set we are likely to see even stronger efforts in the future.

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