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Danzig - Black Laden Crown

Published May 16 2017

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Black Laden Crown
Eyes Ripping Fire
Devil On Hwy 9
Last Ride
The Witching Hour
But A Nightmare
Skulls & Daisies
Blackness Falls
Pull The Sun

Genre Doom/Goth Metal
Glenn Danzig
Tracks 9
Tommy Victor
Running time 46 Min.
Label AFM Records
Release May 26, 2017
Johnny Kelly
Country USA
Producer Glenn Danzig
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A poor-quality production, a bad vocal performance that's sort of done 10 feet away from the mike and also pretty dull song material in general are three things that my thoughts return to each and every time that I listen to Danzig's newest construction Black Laden Crown.

Sonically it has a basement kind of feeling and I realize that the mix on his cover record Skeletons from late 2015 probably wasn't intentionally made to come out similar to the old times, as I remember that I was thinking about it back then, but rather just an effect of lack of ability to bring out a sufficient result. Black Laden Crown is very deficient in today's standards and I personally wonder how someone possibly could ever be attracted by such a blurry and shapeless sound that this record comprises.

Glenn Danzig's voice is indeed unique and always has been and it's very easy to recognize the characteristics of it immediately, but unquestionably his best days are over. His strength and power seem long gone and he struggles on a lot of sequences and aside from the very last song, Pull The Sun, he pretty much talks his way through the album rather than actually making an attempt to really sing.

The songs are to be found in the region of doom and goth metal and are generally slow and somber throughout the record. Here and there I am able to track some decent stuff, but my hopes for something lasting are shut down almost instantly every single time, because with a production like this I think it wouldn't matter in the end if the songs were totally awesome since the audio is so utterly bad and therefore it gets unbearable to listen to it after a while.

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