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AC Angry - Appetite For Erection

Published November 26 2016

=Staff's pick

I Hate AC Angry*
No Way To Go But Down
I Wanna Hurt Somebody
Appetite For Erection*
Son Of A Motherfucker's Son
The Balls Are Back In Town
Take You Shake You Break You
Cry Idiot, Cry

Genre Hard Rock
Alan Costa
Tracks 10
Alan Costa
Running time 38 Min.
Stefan Kuhn
Label Steamhammer/SPV
Dennis Kirsch
Release November 25, 2016
Norman Steisslinger
Country Germany
Producer Phil Hillen
Similar artists ---

This is my first encounter with AC Angry and after listening to Appetite For Erection for at least a dozen times it really strikes me how uneven the record is, quality-wise. The first half contains a few fine tracks, but on the second half I think that the band has no other choice than to try to capitalize on the lyrical part, because it's kind of like they've forgotten how to come out with memorable nice hooks and melodies and everything else that in the end would make a great song.

Songs like No Way To Go But Down (albeit on the first half of the record), Son Of A Motherfucker's Son and Cry Idiot, Cry are really of poor quality overall. It's definitely not the lyrical content that bugs me, because I have no problem with swallowing profane words from bands like Steel Panther and such acts, but it's the actual lack of swing over those songs and it would have been for the better if they had been ditched long before being put down on the record.

The band pretty much comes out with music that I would define as hard rock, even if they put some heavy metal, heavy rock and occasional punk influences into it too. On a positive note, I like the way that they give emphasis to the bass playing, because that instrument once was an important factor in all different kinds of rock music, I think, but is now often a bit put aside to make even more room for guitars and the drums.

Is Appetite For Erection something that most people will dismiss because of its lyrics? Probably yes, but nonetheless does it sporadically comprise some rather decent music too. It's still not enough though for me to even think about praising this creation as a whole, but I must be fair too, so I wouldn't go so far as to completely tell everybody to shove this one down the drain either. You can always take a listen yourself if you want to find out more about the band's sound and it's never farther away than a mouse click on the link below.








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