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Lemmy - White Line Fever

=Staff's pick


Genre Autobiography
Lemmy Kilmister
Tracks --
Janiss Garza
Running time 320 pages
Label Simon & Schuster Ltd.
Release 02 June 2003
Country England
Similar artists ---

Ian Kilmister. Do I need to introduce this man any further? No, I thought so, so I am gonna jump right to my few words about his autobiography White Line Fever released in 2003. This is more than anything else truly a story about sex, drugs and rock'n'roll.

The language is fairly simple and easily read and it is apperant that it is more or less Lemmy's own words straight from his mouth on to paper, with a professional helping hand from Janiss Garza. I doubt that some new facts regarding Motörhead will surface for the diehard fan, but for me, who for some incomprehensable reason have started to listen to Motörhead just the past few years, it is a good opportunity to have a deeper look into the band and to follow the long road they have walked to come where they are now.

Most things in Lemmy's life are dealt with chronologically and a large part, almost half of it, takes up the pre-Motörhead time and we get to know quite a lot about his youth, the heavy days of drugs, the bands he played in before it started to get really intersting musically - with Hawkwind. There are a lot of anecdotes delivered during that part and it is interesting to take part of what was going on during those times. It is of course mostly hard facts and details about things that have occured over the years, and there are a few things revealed about the music industry that are quite interesting, but Lemmy also shows himself from a serious and humorous side on occasions. It is told in a light and good tone and a good mixture between seriousness and jokes.

It is definitely a good and interesting read, but sometimes it feels like certain sections (in the second half) are a bit rushed and are not really as in depth as you would have wanted it to be and likewise, some parts (in the first half) are dragged on a little bit too long. But this book should have its place in every fan's bookshelf.






7 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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