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Black Stone Cherry - Thank You - Livin' Live Birmingham, UK

Published November 03 2015

=Staff's pick

Concert part:
Rain Wizard
Blind Man
Me And Mary Jane
In My Blood
Holding On…To Letting Go
Maybe Someday
Such A Shame
Things My Father Said
Fiesta Del Fuego
Sunshine Of Your Love
Like I Roll
Bad Luck And Hard Love
Drum Solo
Hollywood In Kentucky
Hell And High Water
Soul Creek
White Trash Millionaire
Blame It On The Boom Boom/Layla
Peace Is Free
Lonely Train (Can't Judge A Book)

Bonus material:
(Live From Download Festival 2015)
Blame It On The Boom Boom
In My Blood
Download Festival Interview

Genre Southern Rock/Hard Rock
Chris Robertson
Tracks 23
Chris Robertson
Runningtime 130 Min.
Ben Wells
Label Eagle Vision
John Lawhon
Release October 30, 2015
John Fred Young
Country USA
Similar artists ---

Recorded on October 30th 2014 at LG Arena in Birmingham, UK.

Black Stone Cherry's new DVD captures the band's ability to perform explosively and how they are able to interact with their crowd and how they get the crowd going in order to have the people kind of contributing to the end result of the show. Even if the band's Southern rock / hard rock basically doesn't suit me perfectly through the whole disc, it's not a troublesome mission, for me personally, to point out this outfit's great stage presence and to see how they're giving everything they've got to come out with a rock solid performance.

The band performs on a rather stripped down, yet quite big, stage in front of around 8000 wild fans and it's a no-brainer why they chose exactly this location for the recordings. It seems that no extra props have been added to mislead the buyers of this disc that the band's shows are bigger visually, with more effects, than what they really are and I'm pretty sure that the band believes that it's already good enough as it is, without any things to lead people astray. The stage lighting is indeed sufficient for the filming though and the quality of the moving pictures is definitely all right on my screen.

I like the way that the film has been edited. The picture sequences are not rapidly flashing by and there is well enough time to look at the pictures pretty much in detail, which I think is hugely important for the final result. I really hate the DVDs that have, opposite to this one, like 90 minutes of live pictures edited like 4 minute music videos, making me wanna turn the damn thing off already well before halftime.

The bonus features comprise just 2 songs from the band's 2015 performance at the Download Festival as well as a 19 minute interview with singer/guitarist Chris Robertson and guitarist Ben Wells. This extra material is somewhat boring, I think, first and foremost, because both songs included are already part of the DVDs main contents and it wouldn't have taken a huge effort to add a couple of other songs instead as an extra spin to the already existing clips.

I think that the DVD is solid proof of what Black Stone Cherry is all about. It's pretty safe to say that if you dig this band's work and music and if you wanna see what they are able to bring forward in a live environment, this one won't come out as a disappointment.





Extra material

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