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Spinal Tap - This Is Spinal Tap-DVD

=Staff's pick

WideScreen & Special Edition

Special Edition Details:
• Color, Closed-captioned, Widescreen, Dolby
• Over One Hour of Extra Footage.
• New Audio Commentary by Spinal Tap in Character
• New Interview with Rob Reiner
• Trailers and TV Spots
• Music Videos
• Rare TV Appearances
• Widescreen anamorphic format

Genre Comedy
Tracks -
Runningtime 160 Min.
Label MGM
Release 2000
Country England
Similar artists ---

Ever heard a band say in an interview that a certain event or happening in their career had "almost Spinal Tap-warning" on it?
Happens every now and then, and what they then refer to is a bizarr, surreal and totally mindwacked and crazy misunderstanding or experiance.

Originally filmed and released back in 1984, we in this fictional documentery get to follow a director who is following a band on their journey from new record, on tour and the many turns and backsides of their career, and the movie is parodising the whole musicbusinnes.

All the klichés of the world of rock'n'roll are here made fun of in the best kind of way, and every wellknown myth about rock musicians get more fuel to it's fire.

We get to see such classic scenes as when the band gets lost backstage, screaming "yeah, yeeaahh - Hello Cleveland!", trying to find their way to the stage and the screaming and anticipating audiance, but finally have to give up even after the janitor tries his best to help the boys to the right track- and the hilarious episode where Nigel in the "These go to eleven"-episode explain to the director the brilliance of their idea to make their amps go to 11 instead of 10.

I think this movie just has to be in every persons collection, that has even the slightest interest in the hardrockscene.
This film is cause for a great bunch of laughter since it's a very well done parody of everything around a band's struggle for fame and fortune.

Other classic scenes are when the band are getting interviewed and answer questions about their mysteriously disappearing drummers, the issue with the small backstage breads, and the over the top scenes where the band are performing the song Stonehenge where things don't really go as planned, and when the bassist during another number get stuck in some plastic bubble on stage.

The Dvd contains over one hour of extra footage, new audio commentary by Spinal Tap in character, a new interview with Rob Reiner and much more compared to the VHS version.

I can strongly advice you to go to www.spinaltap.com to check out a bunch of clips from the VHS/Dvd, and than especially the "Eleven" and the "Backstage" clips. :)

You are in for quite a few good, solid laughs during this movie, people......






9 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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