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Dissection - Rebirth Of Dissection

=Staff's pick

Intro: At The Fathomless Depths
Night's Blood
Maha Kali
No Dreams Breed In Breathless Sleep
Where Dead Angels Lie*
Retribution...Storm Of the Light's Bane*
Thorns Of Crimson Death
Heaven's Damnation
In The Cold Winds Of Nowhere
Elizabeth Bathory
The Somberlain*
A Land Forlorn

Exclusive 25 minute Interview with Jon Nödtviedt
Music Video "Starless Aeon"
Photo Gallery

Genre Dark Melodic Metal
Jon Nödtveidt
Tracks 15
Jon Nödtveidt
Runningtime 140 Min.
Label Escapi Music
Sethlands Teitan
Release 29 July 2006
Tomas Asklund
Country Sweden
Similar artists Mork Gryning, Bathory, Running Wild

On 30 October, 2004, the night's blood before the unhallowed weaning; where dead angels lie frozen; the torpid, tormented, somber, slain, soulreaper - Jon Nödtveidt with his newly formed Dissection lineup made ready reinkaos as the eternal firestorm of the lights banished son shined brilliantly and they staged classic cuts for voracious souls. It was a sold out show at Arenan, Stockholm and Jon had only recently been released from the chaosophia of prison's confinement. The thorns of the christian dearth had pierced deep into the fathomless depths of his dissected mind, leaving him filled with retribution, wrangling against the black dragon within the walls.

Now fervent fans will enjoy all their favorites played fluidly and feverishly melodic while watching this DVD. Sorrowful souls searching will become refined, while lugubrious legmen legitimately awaken to the animated animosity or vicious visions made vivid, . The picture quality and production is prosaic, Once again Escapi Music have released another must own high quality DVD, just as they have in the past with Force Of Evil and Candlemass. The songs on this DVD are all taken from the first two Dissection CDs with one new track, Maha Kali, and a cover of Elizabeth Bathory by Tormentor. Listening to the listless, lamentful melacholic music is like becoming entranced by a prismatic quieteus, as one becomes lured into breathless sleep while watching. This nepenthe drama reaches its penultimate conclusion with the closing cuts of The Somberlain and The Land Forlorn.

Their are some bonus features as well including a video visual victual for the new song Starless Aeon as well as a photo gallery slide show. My promotional copy was not accompanied by the bonus CD which is also included. The boundless bonus - beyond the horizon of recent events - is the personal and exclusive interview with just Jon. Here he openly discloses his dark mother divine bellicose beliefs. He refers to his time spent incarcerated and in spite of opposition, how he continued to create music through his artisan of heartfelt determination; an ongoing attitude of forthright diligence and affectation.

I have been planning to review this DVD for almost a month now. I kept procrastinating, having been overwhelmed with other work. Now I have my priorities in order. In non-luminous light of Jon's lethal munificence, having faced heaven's damnation and embraced the God of forbidden light, he freely chose to repudiate this wretched life - leaving us so suddenly. Deep down in his heart he felt he had fulfilled all that he had set out forever and ever to endeavor, to create. Thus, my timing for this assiduous assessment is paramount; being compelled by semi-urgency to pay deference to the demiurge of lucid fear.

No matter what we believe, think, or feel about Jon's violence and volition, I offer up this review as a lasting testament to his mettle which has inspired multitudes. As his soul sores through the cold winds of know whereabouts; let us set aside our judgement and speculation and while enjoying his invictus invention, let us focus our minds and hearts to one hated and yet still adulated.





Extra material

7,5 chalices of 10 - Michael the MettleAngel

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