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Rammstein - Live Aus Berlin-DVD

=Staff's pick

Spiel mit mir
Bestrafe mich
Weisses Fleisch*
Asche zu Asche*
Wilder Wein
Heirate mich
Du riechst so gut
Du hast*
Wollt Ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen?

Genre Industrial Metal
Till Lindemann
Tracks 17
Richard Z.Kruspe-Bernstein
Runningtime 170 Min.
Paul Landers
Label Motor Music
Oliver Riedel
Release 29 Nov. 1999
Christoph Schneider
Country Germany
Flake Lorenz
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Rammstein has probably not passed anyone's eyes unnoticed by now. The german quintet has released 3 studioalbums over the past 7 years, and have by now grown into a metal monster that tours the world before an enthusiastic and loyal crowd. But instead of going more into how Rammstein sound, this will concentrate on wheater this show is something to yearn to see, or if can be dismissed as a common bagatell.

Even though I am a big fan of their genius mixture of simple and naked, but yet brilliant metalriffs, and the monotone, raspy and military german vocals - I can still agree with their critics(even though I am of a contrary opinion)that their music might be considered a bit boring on cd, cause many of the songs are built up in the same way and sometimes sound a bit alike (no guitars, but instead just drums and bass during verses, and then a killerriff during the bridge and chorus). But this is something way different! Rammstein is supposed to be experianced live - and that is exactly what it is about: an experiance. This concert was recorded on August 22 and 23, 1998, and Rammstein played a one-time-only escalated version of its classic stage show at Berlin's Wuhlheide Venue.

The stageshow is magnificent, with pyro, bombs, fire, lights and smoke almost constantly burning somewhere, and all is built up like a kind of metallic, futuristic world. Singer Lindemann has even earned qualification as a pyrotechnician specifically to execute Rammstein's almost megalomaniacal pyrotechnic effects. The members are moving and acting in a robotlike manner, with coordinated and almost machinary movements from time to time, and are pumping out one ultraheavy, razorsharp metalriff after the other. I can't see it as a possibility to be able to stand still during powerblasts like Asche Zu Asche(what a guitarriff!), Engel and Sehnsucht for example - the bangning nerve makes itself well reminded, and you feel almost euphoric, as it's all in this surreal environment, and yet it's so intense and real at the same time.

A few of the gimmicks they are pulling is letting keyboardist Lorenz riding on a rubberraft on the sea of the audience, putting singer Lindemann in an asbestos coat on fire(!) during the song Rammstein, blowing fire from some kind of blowtorch-mouthes, and - I'm not even gonna tell you what Lindemann and Lorenz are up to during Bück Dich - you have to see for yourself.....but it sure is a (enjoyable) spectacle almost without precedence. :) More than once you ask yourself if singer Lindemann really is in a correct mental shape - judging by the way he looks and behaves, but you very soon realize that's it's an act of genius, and that the man is just totally devoured by the music - as we all are during a complete major stageshow by Rammstein like this.

Rammstein are true entertainers - even though the concept of the entertainment may be discussed as sane or not - and they don't leave anyone untouched after having witnessed a concert with them. Kiss once even wanted them along as special guests on a South American tour.....
This is directed to perfection, and makes a very solid impression. Of course this can't be compared to actually being there on the location, but this takes you in a steady grip too, and you feel a bit like you have been run over by a 16-wheel trailer after it's over.

The only thing I can complain about, and that is why the grades stop at what they do, is that there are a bit too many slow songs. I personally don't think Rammstein comes to their best when they slow things down - it's in the fast driven, riffpumping energy blast they really manage to put thousand of people in common exctasy.

But, despite that fact - it hardly get more mightier than this. You don't get many opportunities to collect your breath, since Lindemann and company manage to keep you in their grip for the whole concert, and after almost 3 hours in front of Rammstein you feel kind of small, and not so big-mouthed anymore. :)

Because Rammstein is a metalmonster that eats you alive.

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8,5 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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