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Stratovarius - Nemesis Days

Published May 05 2014

=Staff's pick

(Documentary - Nemesis Days)
Nemesis Days - The Starship Travelling The World
Part I - The Album
Part II - The Tour
Part III - The Band
Unbreakable (Live @ Havirov)
Part IV - Life
Part V - Friends Around The World

Halcyon Days
If The Story Is Over
Deep Unknown
Under Flaming Skies

Bonus CD:
Stand My Ground
Halcyon Days
Out Of The Fog
Castles In The Air
One Must Fall
If The Story Is Over

Genre Neoclassic/Power Metal
Timo Kotipelto
Tracks DVD 15, CD 13
Matias Kupiainen
Runningtime DVD 89 Min., CD 66 Min.

Ear Music

Lauri Porra
Release 02 May 2014
Rolf Pilve
Country Finland
Jens Johansson
Similar artists ---

Jewel case DVD including deluxe edition of the Nemesis album as bonus CD.

Although this DVD obviously is recorded on a low budget mission, I still prefer these documentaries in favor of live recordings, which are often totally destroyed by overdubs and adjustments to suit the consumer's experience. I also have a hard time to find requisite peace and comfort to live material in front of a television screen, nor do I really hit the right mood when comparing sitting in my couch to standing in front of a stage watching the real deal and feeling the groove and energy.

From my viewpoint, Nemesis Days isn't really a documentary in the right sense though and it doesn't travel through the band's long career. It's more an insight of each bandmember's aspects on favorite songs from Nemesis and from the classic era, the recording processes, preparations for tours and touring in general, as well as the actual gigs. Furthermore they talk about the current band chemistry, what kind of music they listen to and from where their inspiration is gathered.

Also presented is a live clip of the first single off Nemesis, Unbreakable, and also some clips of certain bandmembers performing live, mainly keyboardist Jens Johansson and new drummer Rolf Pilve, as well as pictures from Matias Kupiainen's guitarhead mounted camera. A rather small number of the band's fans also find a few moments in the spotlight, when getting the opportunity to name their favorite Stratovarius songs and albums.

5 videos off the 3 latest albums finish off this DVD, although only 3 are listed on the cover, and even though these videos have their cool moments, they still end up being just a nice little ending to this package, a few steps away from the disc's main purpose.

This edition doesn't offer anything really personal and I believe that they try to keep things professional and stay away from any disputes and debates with former main man Timo Tolkki. It definitely shows more where Stratovarius is at this point in life, instead of digging in the dirt to form a massive issue.

In my list of priorities, this disc capitalizes on being more interesting than a live show, but I doubt that this is something that someone will be eager to play a repeated number of times. A documentary is what it is; interesting on the first occasion, but later something that mostly collects dust in the rack.

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