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Anthrax - Music Of Mass Destruction - DVD

=Staff's pick

What Doesn't Die*
Got The Time*
Caught In A Mosh
Safe Home*
Room For One More
Nobody Knows Anything
Belly Of The Beast*
Refuse To Be Denied*
I Am The Law*
Be All End All
Bring The Noise
Metal Thrashing Mad

Extra material:
Behind The Scenes Footage
John's Segment
Charlie's Segment
Fists Of Fury Theater with Scott Ian
Fun with Rob
A visit to Alex Ross
What Doesn't Die*
Got The Time*
Caught In A Mosh
Safe Home
Room For One More
Nobody Knows Anything
Inside Out
Refuse To Be Denied*
I Am The Law

Genre Thrash Metal
John Bush
Tracks 18/12
Scott Ian
Runningtime 160/62 Min.
Rob Caggiano
Label Nuclear Blast
Frank Bello
Release 28 July 2004
Charlie Benante
Country USA
Similar artists ---

This concert filmed in Chicago in December of 2003 brings back some great memories from the summer that same year. Anthrax kicked some serious butt with their performance at Sweden Rock Festival last summer and I was setting my expectations high on the DVD, could they be equally great one more time? It didn't take me long to realise that they actually could, not just to be equally good but even better.

The live sound comes out great on the disc, it is pounding with heaviness, a compact sound still with the live feeling intact. And another good thing is that a CD comes with the package so you doesn't necessary have to stay in front of the DVD-player to enjoy Music Of Mass Destruction, you can bring the destruction with you wherever you choose to go. The concert starts heavy with What Doesn't Die and is continued with the classic track Got The Time, and already by this point both crowd and band seems to be having a blast. Only two songs in to the set and the concert is already fueled up to the maximum. Anthrax performs with high energy and I am getting worked up in my couch feeling the adrenaline rise making me wanna burst out into a one man mosh-pit in the middle of my living room floor. At some points it gets so great that I get goosebumps with the delivering of some of the tracks, like Refuse To Be Denied, Only and Indians.

The band is on fire doing everything right it seems with John Bush working the crowd greatly while Scott Ian is doing his routine jumping around in a way only he can do. This how you want to see a band behave live, like their lives depends on it, uncompromisingly giving every little thing they got.
And the crowd is just as enthusiastic, not as fanatic as the one showcased on Blind Guardians DVD. But then Anthrax is not as much as a sing-along band as Blind Guardian but they does a pretty good job in songs like Safe Home, Antisocial, Only and Caught In A Mosh. And with mosh-pits, hand-clapping, fists pumping in the air and a lot of raising of those little horns they seemed to be enjoying the occasion just as much as the band.

There are no effects on stage apart from the lightning to speak of, nothing more than just a band that is Metal Thrashing Mad delivering metal with a lot of intensity. And as for the tracklist, I raise those little horns as a salute. A perfect choice with at least most of the stuff that I wanna hear. They picked the better tracks from the latest We've Come For You All album as well as the older songs I wanna hear is included, and with a perfect performance there is no need to complain here.

Music Of Mass Destruction feels like the complete package. A kick-ass DVD with a CD that follows in a nice cartoon-looking package. It feels like there is work done behind this release and not just another concert put on tape and thrown out in order to rob the fans on their money.

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9 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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