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Whitesnake - Live... In The Still Of The Night

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Disc I (Concert in stereo sound)
Disc II (Concert in 5.1 Dolby digital sound):
Intro - Declamation
Wildest Dreams
Can I Play With Madness
The Trooper *
Dance Of Death *
Brave New World *
Paschendale *
Lord Of The Flies
No More Lies
Hallowed Be Thy Name *
Fear Of The Dark *
Iron Maiden
The Number Of The Beast
Run To The Hills *
Disc III- Extra Material:
Death On The Road - Documentary *
Life On The Road - Documentary
The Fans
Promo Videos
Photo And Artwork Galleries

Genre Hard Rock
David Coverdale
Tracks 18
Doug Aldrich
Runningtime 103 Min.
Reb Beach
Label AFM Records
Marco Mendoza
Release 27 Jan. 2006
Tommy Aldridge
Country England
Timothy Drury
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Whitesnake is a rather classic band and even if I am not that familiar with the band, this setting must be considered more like David Coverdale and friends? These guys however, how original or not, do a great job and whether you being a fan or not you can't avoid being entertained by this concert recorded at Hammersmith in London 2004. That fact that David Coverdale is getting old can be seen in his face but there is no way of telling that judging by his voice. The band is surely delivering right from the start and I find my self being captivated by their performance, and then I am not much of a Whitesnake fan in the first place.

They start the concert with the track Burn and they really get it rocking from the beginning as both band and crowd seem to be equally excited over this concert. It keeps on rolling in a great manner and there is a good flow in the concert up until Is This Love. Although performed flawless and more lively than the original version, that doesn't stop it from being a boring ballad that slows it all down. With Give Me All Your Love the concert gets going again and a song that I remembered as boring got some new life breathed into it here, and Coverdale also lets the crowd take over the singing for a part.

The concert keeps going with a heavy version of Judgement Day and I must say that I am dazzled that Whitesnake sound so vital and much better than what I remembered, and then I have seen Whitesnake live, but never as good as this. Unfortunately it gets slowed down a bit again with a long version of Crying In The Rain that is interrupted by an endless drum solo by Tommy Aldridge. Even though he is one great drummer I am thankful for the skip button on my remote. Overall this is a solid work from the guys that make a performance that sounds tight and Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach on guitar give Whitesnake a heavier touch than what I am used to, a most welcome addition. David Coverdale is a charismatic front man that knows his way around the stage but it is that his voice is in such good shape that is most impressing.

Many like me probably would mention Here I Go Again as the most known Whitesnake song and also as one of their better ones, and this time is no exception. It took a while for them to get back to the top after the part with the drum solo. Even though it is good, it was in not until Here I Go Again it started to be sparkling again, and with the splendid Still Of The Night as last song I must say that this is a DVD that is worth checking out. What about the selection of songs then? Since I am not familiar with the entire past of Whitesnake I can't tell for certain if it a good or poor selection. But the songs I knew I liked on forehand is there so I don't complain, and some other I knew before got better than what I remembered them as with the great performance from the band.

By the looks and the sound of Whitesnake from this concert this seems to have been one of those nights when everything fell into place. The concert was captured with 26 cameras and the picture quality and editing is close to perfect and feels highly professional. The sound is also awesome and if it sounded this great live I would be surprised. There is little doubt from my side that there must have been at least some tampering and some touching up with the sound in the post-production.

The extra material is not featured on my review copy so I can't give any details according to those but the show itself is very good. Live…In The Still Of The Night will also be available as a DVD/CD boxset.






7,5 chalices of 10 - Thomas

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