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G3 - Live In Denver - DVD

=Staff's pick

- Joe Satriani
Satch Boogie
The Extremist*
Starry Night
The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing*
- Steve Vai
I Know You're Here
I'm The Hell Outta Here*
- Yngwie Malmsteen
Evil Eye*
Baroque And Roll*
Acoustic Guitar Solo
Far Beyond The Sun
- The G3 Jam
Rockin' In The Free World*
Little Wing
Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

Genre Guitar Rock
Joe Satrian
Tracks 16
Steve Vai
Runningtime 112 Min.
Yngwie Malmsteen
Label Sony Music
Release 10 Feb. 2004
Country USA
Similar artists ---

Filmed at The Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, Colorado, on October 20 2003, these three legends in the business of bending strings perform an amazing show. What else can turn out of these guys gathering together for a show with their individual instrumental tracks spiced with a jam session at the end of it all? This is the second dvd release under the name G3, but with a different setting. Vai and Satriani participated on the first one that was released in 1996 as well, but this time Yngwie Malmsteen steps in and takes the place of Eric Johnson. Even though I haven´t seen the first one, I dare to say that Malmsteen is a perfect choice for filling the vacancy. He brings on a more - slightly overdone as usual, though - metal energy to the whole thing.

The strength of the whole show lies very much in the dynamic and balance betweeen the different guitarists, which I think is excellent. It's a perfect mix with Satriani leaning more towards the blues- and boogie style, Vai with a more rockier approach, and on top of it all Yngwie who is burning scales like there is no tomorrow in his more "metal" style. There is something for everyone, given that you are a sucker for instrumental songs with an abundance of solos, licks and grooves.

They are all delivering brilliant and vital versions of their classics, as well as new songs, and the sound and lights are perfect too. Nothing more to add there, really. The concept of the whole thing is very good too, with each one playing a handful of songs from his own repertoar, to have everything end up in a 3 song jam at the end, where they are handeling the vocals on one song each. Rockin' In The Free World is done by Satriani, Little Wing by Vai and Voodoo Child has Malmsteen as vocalist.

Highlights of the show are of course quite a few individual masterpieces here and there for each guitarist - it is really amazing what the guys can do with a guitar - but the real thing takes place in the jam, both during Rockin' In The Free World, which is a marvellous version, and also Voodoo Child. Seeing these guys performing on the same stage together and handling the tools of their trade with a magicians touch is pure heaven. It looks and sounds so easy, stright from the heart and when they are dueling each other or throwing themselves together in to triple guitarharmonies simultanously - than it is all complete.

Once again the show benefits from having 3, a bit different, characters like this on stage one same time. While Satriani and Vai are holding back a little and concentrate on the groove and riffs, Yngwie is climbing the fret board for the love of his life. They are, however, all very well aware of the fact that there is no room for a big ego for anyone in this company, because they are all equals in a situation like this.

You don´t have to be a fan of a certain style to enjoy this, because it is all very diverse and you get it all, Heavy riffs, moody tunes and swirling solos. Blues, boogie, rock, metal - it is all here.

This is world class guitar entertainment performed by the worlds greatest in the business.






9,5 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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