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Rage - From The Cradle To The Stage

=Staff's pick

Dvd 1:
Orgy Of Destruction
War Of Worlds
Great Old Ones*
Paint The Devil On The Wall*
Sent By The Devil
Prayers Of Steel
Days Of December
Anarchy (drum solo)
Invisible Horizons
Set This World On Fire*
Flesh And Blood
Rocket Science (guitar solo)
Straight To Hell
Back in Time
From The Cradle To The Grave
Black In Mind*
Solitary Man*
Don’t Fear The Winter*
All I Want
Higher Than The Sky
Dvd 2:
- History film 20 years of Rage*
- Making of the Rage show
- Studiodoc.: Falling From Grace*
- Studiodoc.: Dies Irae*
- Video clips:
1. Down By Law
2. Don’t Fear The Winter
3. Invisible Horizons
4. True Face In Everyone
5. Waiting For The Moon
6. Refuge
7. Alive But Dead
8. Deep In The Blackest Hole
9. Lingua Mortis Medley:
- Don't Fear The Winter
- Black In Mind
- Firestorm
- Sent By The Devil
- Lost In The Ice
10. From The Cradle To The Grave
11. Down
- Discography

Genre Heavy Metal
Peavy Wagner
Tracks 26
Victor Smolski
Runningtime 128/180 Min.
Label SPV
Peavy Wagner
Release 15 Nov. 2004
Mike Terrana
Country Germany
Similar artists ---

Celebrating 20 years in the business, and without doubt growing more and more solid and better all along, german legends Rage are releasing a massive and nicely compiled dvd. The band has over the years always offered a lot for the fans with every release, both in quantity since the albums are packed with songs, as well in quality, since the material always - with no exception - holds a very high level. And you can all be calm. This dvd is not an exception from the rule. This simply rocks, and they once again make very sure you get your money worth..

The concert part of this dvd was recorded in Zeche, Bochum in Germany in Jan. 25 2004, in a very suitable place which is totally packed with fans literary from floor to ceiling, as there are several levels packed the the last inch with people. That creates a very intimate feeling, and brings forth the intensity and power from the band, and the stage design is nice, with a kind of minor catwalk for Peavy and Victor to use for closer encounters with the audience. The lights and sounds are also perfect, and the guys all radiate joy and love for the music throughout the concert, which is something they have a reputation of, and here they show it's not a myth. And is there really much to say about the setlist? If you are the least bit familiar with the past and most recent work of the band, you realize at a quick glance that it's close to perfection. All of the most classic and mandatory tunes, even from the time of when the band was still named Avenger, mixed with the best from the mid 90 era, and the recent years killer songs. A brilliantly composed setlist, and they evidently have a very good grip of what the fans like and want to hear during a concert.

As previously mentioned, the sound is massive, fat and close to perfection. One thing that struck me is that this band manage to create a very compact and rich sound picture even though they are just a trio, with one bass, one guitar, and the drums. There are only a few bands that manage to do that, and Rage is definitly one of them. Mighty Mike Terrana puts on a brilliant performance here, and backed up by Peavys bass, the rhythm section already there is above and beyond many rivals in the business. Add to that Victor Smolskis awesome guitarplay with a great guitarsound this evening, and we have a feast for the ears, as well as the eyes. The only thing I find worth criticizing is the fact that the vocals perhaps sound a little bit too good. It is almost too good too be true, and sometimes it seems like the sync is not even correct. I am all in favour of tiny overdubs and add-ons to polish some minor flaws, but it mustn't be too much. This is close too being a bit over the edge, but only close.

The extra material is also very good and and informative. An extensive and interesting interview with each member, and Peavy in particular of course, being the founding member and the only original one left after many changes in the lineup. We are thoroughly being taken through the whole career with explanations to events and happenings in the band and on the personal side, everything with many pictures and live clips. Focus is also put on each members sidework, for example Victors amazing work on the classical side. We also get a good dose of The Making Of the live show, two half video/half documentary clips of the songs Falling From Grace and Dies Irae, as well as plenty of video clips taken from a wide range of their career.

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8,5 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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