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Dio - Evil Or Divine - DVD

=Staff's pick

Killing The Dragon*
Egypt/Children Of The Sea
Drum Solo
Stand Up And Shout
Rock And Roll
Don't Talk To Strangers*
Man On The Silver Mountain*
Guitar Solo*
Long Live Rock And Roll
Lord Of The Last Day*
Fever Dreams*
Holy Diver
Heaven And Hell
The Last In Line*
Rainbow In The Dark*
We Rock

Extra material:
- Interview with Ronnie James Dio*
- Photo Gallery
- Behind the scenes footage
- Promo video for Push

Genre Heavy Metal
Ronnie James Dio
Tracks 15
Doug Aldrich
Runningtime 100 Min.
Label Spitfire Records
Jimmy Bain
Release 01 July 2003
Simon Wright
Country USA
Scott Warren
Similar artists ---

"A history lesson in Heavy Metal".
That is what we get here, according to the cover of Dio's first Dvd, and I am noone to argue with that. Recorded on Friday the 13th 2002 in Roseland Ballroom in their hometown New York we are being taught how true, honest and timeless metal sounds.

They have been wise enough to leave out the most slow and mediocre songs from the last and less successful period of their career, and are concentrating on the classics, mixed with some of the better newer songs. Songs like Killing The Dragon, Lord Of The Last Day and Fever Dreams are very heavy and great live, and Egypt/Children Of The Sea, which alwys has been just an below average song for me, is here a real nutcracker. The classic tunes are, nedless to say, very good and just as singalong friendly as you expect, and they will always have a special place in the heart of an old rocker.

Dio always has had an amazing voice and he is still going strong, and are among the top 5 in the world, but it can be heard (or it can be my imagination, cause it's hardly but still noticable) that he is not really topnotch at the moment. But since the man has an amazing high lowest level, it turns out magic almost however he is doing it.

Doug Aldrich on guitar is performing at his very best - this show was one of the last appearances of Doug Aldrich in Dio, as he in writing moment has rejoined Whitesnake - and so does the rest of the band. They are radiating pure joy of playing classic heavy metal an they are a tight, compact quintet of musicians with a lot of routine, and that shows. The stageshow is not especially spectacular, but instead Dio let the music talk and that is good enough for me with this kind of material.

It is always fun to behold the audience at concerts with band that contains members that are around their 50's or more. The average age must be around 35 here, with a big share of middleaged, bearded men that are taking their chance to live out the metalman inside of them. Hail to thee for keeping the flag!

The bonusmaterial is good, but could have been so much more. The interview with Dio himself is a bit too short and doesn't really get as deep as we would like to see it as we are not exactly spoiled with seeing him in interviews so you would think that when the opportunity finally is here that they would do more out of it.

All in all a very pleasant way to spend an hour and a half while simultanously sipping a good whisky - this is entertainment on one of the highest levels there are. This will spin a lot of times in my dvdplayer from now on, even though it was just not as powerful and mindblowing as I had hoped for.

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8 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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