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Children Of Bodom - Chaos Ridden Years - Stockholm Knockout Live

Published Nov. 14 2006

=Staff's pick

Living Dead Beat
Silent Night, Bodom Night*
Hate Me!
We're Not Gonna Fall
Angels Don't Kill
Bodom After Midnight/Bodom Beach Terror*
Follow The Reaper*
In Your Face
Hate Crew Deathroll*
Are You Dead Yet?
Lake Bodom*
Everytime I Die

Genre Metal
Alexi Laiho
Tracks 14
Alexi Laiho
Runningtime 183 Min.
Roope Latvala
Label Spinefarm Records
Henkka Seppälä
Release 16 Oct. 2006
Jaska Raatikainen
Country Finland
Janne Warman
Similar artists Kalmah, Norther

Children Of Bodom, the figure head on the metal vessle called Finland, is finally following up their previous five (six if you include the live album Tokyo Warhearts) full length albums with a live dvd. The show is filmed in February 2006 at Arenan in Stockholm, Sweden, and contains your daily dose of sweat, grilled sausages, male lipkissing and solos.

It is evident that Children Of Bodom have got gained some experience during the past years extensive touring with the participation in The Unholy Alliance Tour 2006 as, I presume, the peak. This is a tight and intense show practically from start to finish. I say practically, because I have objections to the choice of opening songs in form of Living Dead Beat and Sixpounder. They are not bad, far from it, but they are not the best in the discography either and I think they fail to create a good flow due to their slower and darker nature. Hence, the concert does not really take off to the really good heights until the third song. But from that point onward they manage to nail really good versions of their best songs. Almost all of their best songs and hits are represented so in that area there is not much left to wish for. The sound, lights and show is really good and visually it radiates professionality.

A few extra words I feel should be dedicated to Alexi's vocals. While good but just ordinary on albums, they come out surprisingly strong and powerful here, and I dare saying that this is one of his best efforts so far. It has a big part in making this as enjoyable as it is and i had expected less, I have to admit.

The extra material is nothing spectacular or out of the ordinary, but for a person like me who has never seen much live footage of the guys in civil life, the interview is pretty interesting. It is thorough and most of their history from the begining to present day is told in a calm and sober environment, contrary to what one might be used to when it comes to this band. Included are also every official Children Of Bodom video ever made, counting to eight plus a Making Of-feature.

I can not think of much I would like to change about this apart from the usual changes in the setlist. Not so much added perhaps, but rather removed or relocated in order to create an even better flow. I have anticipated a live dvd with Children Of Bodom ever since I became a fan around the time of Follow The Reaper (2000), and I am glad to be able to say that this one fulfills every expectation I had on such a release. It will continue to spin may times in my home in the future.

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Extra material

8 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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