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Turisas - A Finnish Summer With Turisas

Published March 23 2009

=Staff's pick

As Torches Rise
To Holmgard And Beyond
A Portage To The Unknown
The Messenger*
One More
In The Court Of Jarisleif*
Fields Of Gold
The Dnieper Rapids*
The Land Of Hope and Glory
Miklagard Overture
Battle Metal
- 70 minute tour documentary
- Rasputin Music Video
- Blooper Reel

Genre Battle/Folk Metal
Mathias Nygård
Tracks 13
Jussi Wickström
Runningtime 140 Min.
Hannes Horma
Label Century Media
Tude Lehtonen
Release 03 November 2008
Olli Vänskä
Country Finland
Netta Skog
Similar artists Eluveitie, Ensiferum

Following the latest year's hype with battle/folk metal oriented bands, the finnish band Turisas have a come quite a way in short time. They have done quite a few extensive tours the past years, not only with bands in the same genre but also with Dragonforce, Norther and Iced Earth, and will shortly after I write this embark on a tour with Cradle Of Filth.

This release consists of one documentary part where we get to follow the band around Finland during the festival season of 2008, and we get an insight in a traditional finnish midsummer celebration as well as life on the road (and in the woods) and everything is mixed with segments from various shows from that summer.

Perhaps not that overly exciting for me who are already familiar with what is normally going on in my neighbour country Finland, but it is nevertheless amusing and interesting, and should your knowledge of Finland at this point be close to blank, then it should be even more interesting.

The music of Turisas should appeal to you who like for example Ensiferum, it is however less based on melodies compared to them and instead way more pompous and epic, more like their country men in Eluveitie. Turisas use quite a lot of violin and accordion so the folk element is the primary concern, but it never take the focus off the metal part of it all. Very good balanced.

If you generally are into this genre of scandinavian type of folk inspired metal, be sure to check this release out. If you already are a follower and a fan of the band, this will leave you satisfied as it offers a solid performance and a good insight in the band's doings off and behind the stage.

One big downside is that the main concert consists of several different segments from different festival shows, which never is a good thing, but the flow is surprisingly good despite that so it stays to be just a paranthesis in the context. They don't yet have that much material released, so the songs on this dvd are of course based almost 50/50 on the past two full lenght albums, Battle Metal (2004) and The Varangian Way (2007).

If you like so called battle metal of any kind and can accept warpainted faces, big and fluffy outfits, polka rhythms and slower songs than normal for this genre, then pick this dvd up. You will get yourself a good dose of quality finnish metal consisting of good riffs, great melodies and convincing vocals and choirs.





Extra material

7,5 chalices of 10 - Tommy

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