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Ian Bender comments on each song on the album Stories From The Book Of Metal (2008):

I contacted Ian Bender from Zephaniah to spread some light on the Stories From The Book Of Metal. Here is what he had to say. He wanted to focus on the lyrical content, as the music is so dynamic and complex, that it truly speaks for itself. Enjoy his succint explanations for some brilliant concepts and personal associations.

The Metal Prayer - We wanted an introduction to our album with lots of orchestration, so we came up with a few ideas and eventually composed a full score. The end of the track features a poem we call "The Metal Prayer," originally written by a friend of ours who based it on the Lord's Prayer ("Our Father") With a few revisions and Logan's best Christopher Lee impression, we had the epic intro we were looking for!

Antietam - As an American Power Metal band, we wanted to write something that was true to our history. The Civil War battle of Antietam was the bloodiest one day battle in American history and provided plenty of ideas! The verses of the song tell the story of how the battle progresses, Union vs. Confederate Armies. The chorus describes the emotion of the soldiers, fighting in a battle where they know they will die.

Avenger Of Souls - A song about revenge. You are in battle, surrounded by your fallen brothers. You must be a man and face the enemy alone, or run away and die a coward. In the end you choose to fight and defeat your enemies, thus becoming the Avenger Of Souls!

Deep Breath - Deep Breath would be considered our ballad, but we chose to avoid the sappy love song theme. Even slow songs need balls! The lyrics are about staying strong, and keeping your courage when times are hard.

Sword Of The King - One of our favorites, this is about a warrior with a sword forged from magic. He leads an army to battle to fight off the tyrannous king that has stolen the throne. In the end the warrior slays the evil king ,and takes the crown for himself!

Fight For Love - This song is the oldest song we still play and the only love song we have ever written. It's about a man fighting for his wench's love and survival. It shows his confidence in defeating his enemies so that he may live in peace!

Blackbeard's Revenge - Blackbeard's Revenge is about pirates attacking a ship to steal their gold and valuables! In the end you find out both ships were pirate ships!

The Lone Warrior - Logan got the lyrical ideas for this song from a personal experience of his. A warrior swears his allegiance to the Ice Queen. He falls in love and they are married, but she then betrays him. He must kill her and leave the kingdom to regain his honor and pride as a man.

Flame Of The Dragon - Pretty straightforward. It's about a dragon burning people to death!

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