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Colin Watson comments on each song on the album Reborn (2006):


Mental Wars - This song is written about the way war comes home with our soldiers. Just because we have them back does not mean they are with us all the time.

Cry For The Young - With every year that goes by, and a lot of them have since I wrote this, our youth have more gangs, drugs, and hell they have to try to get past to make it in this world. For me, I have to cry for the young.

Life - Written for how I see others living their life and even though I might not agree with their choices they seem to be happy. I feel you have to make the choices in life that make you happy. If you're not going to live while you're here…then why live at all. Life, live it free.

Reborn - I left music for a long time and I had an empty spot in my soul that I did not know was there. When we got back together we were "reborn" as a band and I was "reborn" as the man I always wanted to be. This made writing Reborn mandatory.

Eyes Of Fate - I lost some people in my life that I felt I did not do enough for them before they died. They were two of my young cousins and I felt that by my actions I did not help them in life, and if anything, may have caused harm to them in a spiritual sense. Leading them down wrong paths or at least not stopping them when I knew they where going down them.

The Winners - This is a song that tells a story of how I feel the world would be if we had a nuclear war. I feel that living after the war would be so bad that I would go out of my mind. No deer, trees, family and so on that I feel the winners are the people that did die. Nothing to live for would make you the loser in this instance.

Skin To Skin - Do I really need to say more? Sex, hot dirty sex. My fav.

I Am Storm - This I wrote when a bad flood came through our little part of the world and showed a lot of us who is boss. One day everything is great you have the world by the balls and the next thing you know you're living out of the bag. Thank God the "Loan Shark" did not find me that day.

Nothing - This a song for people who feel they are, have, and never will have nothing. No matter how hard they try to change, they still end up with nothing. Most tend to blame their "nothing" on someone else…it could be a parent, sibling, or a lover. The sad part is when they give up and they become "nothing".

Touch Like Thunder - You will have to ask Don Depew.

Till Death Do You Part - Lots of us get set in our ways very early in life. Most will never change even when they should. To me they are married to their habits and will stay that way till they die. We all know change is very hard and impossible for some. Drinking, smoking, shooting up, and fighting...TILL DEATH DO YOU PART.

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