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Olaf Thörsen comments on each song on the album The Perfect Machine (2006):

The Perfect Machine is a concept album.Because of the story and its development, as i cared a lot to make people be capable of following the story step by step, I decided to include a short “track by track” in the booklet, where you can already find the explanation of the lyrics above the top of each one. So, for any reference to the story , I ask you to check it out on our website www.visiondivine.com. Musically talking,I really believe this is the album in which we explored almost every kind of genre, as we move from power to progressive, from trash to heavy metal.


The Perfect Machine - It’s the opening song and also the title track. We strongly wanted to present ourselves and the whole album in the best way,and this came out to be a “perfect song”, as it includes most of the atmospheres we are used to play as Vision Divine. Fast, aggressive, with a catchy chorus and a total change of mood in the middle which opens to a quiet before the storm. People shown to love this song as much as we do, and it is also a perfect song to be used for opening our live shows.

1st Day Of A Never-ending Day - Ok we go a little deeper into prog metal here, but as ialways do, i’d like to specify we are not a prog band in the
meaning of Dream Theater or similars. In this song there is a lot of my typical way of writing music, as ii absolutely love to move from Heavy Guitars to acoustical parts and then go back again to heavy parts. This song perfectly represents the way I intend my music, and it’s probably my favourite one from this album, with one of my favourite solos i played here.

Ancestors’ Blood - A strange song which turned out to be one of the most interesting ones. People absolutely love the starting guitar riff, and the mix between the trash metal–style of the verse,the Hard-Rock chorus and the progressive special parts before the solos makes this song one of the most complete we ever wrote, which gives a great idea about what Vision Divine are nowadays.

Land Of Fear - well this is Hard Rock, no doubt about it. We always have a catchy song in every our album and this is the one here. After pushing so hard on the accelerator or going throughout odd beats, we really need something like this song to relax a little,and i bet people need too!

God Is Dead - This is definitely a Power Metal song, fast double Kick, a speedy guitar riff, solo duel between guitars and keyboards. Well, this is coming from our past, and we decided to include something like this to show we are not trying to cancel our past. The chorus here it’s one of the best ones that Michele ever sang.

Rising Sun - There is a strange story behind this song, as we really had no idea about how it would have been souding till the very end of the mix. We originally started trying to realize a ballad, but it definitely turned out to something different, which sounds really good by the way. The piano parts are often interrupted by heavy guitars, and once again this is something i definitely love. The atmosphere here is something different from typical Heavy Metal and this makes this song even more interesting.

Here In 6048 - Well, a classic acoustic ballad with a surprise at the end ,where it totally changes to a different style as if it was divided in 2 chapters. It’s already considered a classic by our fans, and i personally love the change of rythm of the progressive part at the end of the song.

The River - We though we went really close to trash metal when we started writing this song, and it was sounding completely different before completing it. At the end we got even surprised to see/hear how does it perfectly fit to our style. Of course you won’t find much of that “trashy” attitude anymore, which is meant in a good way: it looks like we are capable of giving our personal print to anything we write, and i mean this with no arrogance at all, and this makes really interesting to write something a little distant from our typical sound as . A crazy song, with a fast rythm and a very melodic chorus.

Now That You've Gone - The best way to close a concept. The song starts really “slow”, and Michele sings so aggressive as never before. Then everything goes “ crazy” , there is a long instrumental part with some very complicated insert in it The whole atmosphere is really Heavy and dark, but the chorus opens to a good melody which brings the story to its end.

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