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Mikael Holst comments on each song on the album Into The Enchanted Chamber (2005):

Curse Of The Werewolf - This is the opening track for the entire album which has a pretty lengthy intro so that it works pretty much as both an intro to the song and to the album itself. The song itself is a pretty standard power/speed tune with the double kick attack kept to maximum throughout. The story behind the lyrics is pretty much stolen from the Spanish werewolf flick “Curse of the Devil”. It’s about a man who gets into a conflict with a gypsy tribe and has a cursed placed upon him. I was so fascinated by the werewolf myth that I decided to explore it further on yet another song on the album, it’s not to hard to guess which one that is ?. I can also tell you that there will be a third werewolf song on the second album.

Witches Of Black Magic - On one night each year the witches gather on “Blåkulla” to fornicate with the devil. Like it is with most of our songs, the title speaks for itself. We tried to do it more theatrical with a traditional heavy metal feeling but still keep it packed with folk music and catchy themes.

Into The Enchanted Chamber - This is a mid tempo metal song with pretty heavy orchestrations and backing vocal arrangements. There are also real violin leads on it that makes it standout a bit more than the rest of the tracks; they were performed by a friend of ours, Nina Christensen. The song is about a religious suicide sect who prays upon the fears that people have in order to gain control over them. This is all set in a not to distant future were pollution and wars are rapidly destroying the world. The cover of the album is also based on this story that Mattias Norén at Progart.com did beautifully.

The Devil - This song is pure 80’s metal that starts with a very interesting violin theme. The goal was to do it very theatrical and to tell the story from the devil’s point of view, but without resorting to spoken narration. We have gotten a lot of questions concerning the lyrics for this one, if you listen to the song you will probably understand why.

The Red Rose - This tune would best be described as a speed ballad! It’s one of the faster songs on the album but also one of the most melodic. A story about a man who has lost his wife, but he never got the chance to say goodbye. So she returns from the other side as a ghost and give him that chance. One of the few songs of ours that doesn’t contain any slimy creatures or evil.

A Minor Intermezzo - A short instrumental track done completely with keyboards.

Return Of The Werewolf - I guess the title speaks for itself but maybe we should have called it “Return of the Werewolf and Little Red Riding Hood” instead? This is without a doubt the most aggressive track on the album and perhaps the vocals are a bit to raw (almost death metal on some parts) but it works very well in the concept of the song. The music is a bit more progressive than what we usually do, and also with more complex arrangements. This is one of my personal favourites.

Memories - This is the ballad! Need I say more?

The Gates Of Hell - This song has the catchiest chorus of them all. Its a pure party song with typical metal lyrics and riffs. We even threw in “like a fire, burning higher” that doesn’t really have anything to do with the song. This is pure fun with all the necessary clichés.

Down To The Gallows - Tells the story of a convicted man from his prison cell to his execution and beyond. This is full folk-metal overdrive, from beginning to end. It was written for the sole purpose as a soundtrack to beer-drinking. We even incorporated the old traditional “Green Sleeves” as an outro for good measure. This is also one of my favourite tracks.

The Dark Side Forest - An instrumental short track with some vocals at the end.

The Voyage - This is the 14 minutes long final song of the album. It took us almost six months to write and record the demo version for it and we worked really hard to get all the different parts to work together. This was also the most time consuming and difficult song to record in the studio. The story in very broad strokes is about a vampire who is searching for her lost love. She boards a vessel heading for America and kills all the passengers andits crew. I feel this song is a perfect ending for the album because it sums up all the elements of the entire album into one long song.

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