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Andreas "Gerre" Geremia comments on each song on the album Vol(l)ume 14 (2010):

Time Warp - This song has a great opener with that soft, yet silent intro. The chorus is very catchy as well. In effect, this is a weird story about a guy travelling back in time to kill himself! This is definitely one of my favourite songs on this album!

Rules For Fools - This may not exactly be a 100% thrash song, but it really may be one of the highlights on the album. I encourage you to check out our video clip on You Tube. It is very funny. This song is about a fictitious band who has their own rules, and then breaks them all the time!

Fat Snatchers (The Hippo Effect) - This track is way more thrashing than the previous 'Rules For Fools'. There is some great guitar work by Andy!

Black Plague (BP) - This is a very hard song, but it is not all that fast, Essentially, it is more mid-tempo with some very aggressive vocals. It is a critical song about the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico.

Somewhere In Nowhere - This is really a typical Tankard song. It is also quite personal because it deals with a situation where I was kicked off the plane one day for being too drunk, hahahah! I assure you, this event cost me a lot of money, I can tell you brother!!!

The Agency - This may be the most melodic song on the album. I feel that it also carries with it a very catchy chorus. I think that we are going to play that song live! It is about all the financial breakdown. It takes on critical viewpoint focusing on those rating agencies. I ask you, "Who is able to stop all these carpetbaggers?"

Brain Piercing Öf Death - Here we have another funny story about a guy who gets a brain piercing because he is a big fan of a certain Metal band! There is some very excellent guitar work being performed. Although, it may not be the most not typical chorus found on this album!

Beck's In The City - I think that this very well may be the most typical Tankard track to be found on this album. The song is very old school in every way. I believe that this song could be on every other album. It is definitely the most speedy song on our new album!

Condemnation - This one is all about the yellow press judgements. It concentrates on the issue as to whether or not it is clear if these people are guilty. This is indeed one of my favourite choruses on this album. We are seriously going to consider the possibility of playing this song live.

Weekend Warriors - Now this is a song about us! While working during the whole week we know that we are going to go out on the weekend and play live. It is then that we will have ourselves a really good Thrash Metal time! The music is also very thrashy, with some clean vocal lines proceeding at least three times. This songs represents the Tankard experience, and it totally fits to my mind!

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