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Darko comments on each song on the demo No Words (2005):

Sacrifice - This song is about making a sacrifices to achieve a goal in your life as you advance through the life itself. It's very rhythmical, sort of a heavy mid-tempo and a bit "hypnotizing", with a little oriental styled melody on top. A dynamic range ni this one is most noticeable in the middle section, which goes from relatively quiet to as loud as it gets.

Dust The Road - A song with a very catchy chorus, that works great live. It's about not giving up when the hard times come, but to push forward even harder. One of our faster songs, with plenty of double kick drums, but not in the "power metal" vein.

Train - This one has an interesting lyrical metaphore, trying to describe life as a train trip. Very driving song, with lots of emphasized rhythmical strokes and surely our most diverse song to date. One of band members' favourites because of it's intensivity...

No Words - Ever tried to find something of utter perfection, but always failing, because there simply isn't none? This one tries to interpret the feelings of someone in such quest and it's the slowest song we've got, very melodical and passionate. Of all our songs, this one stirs the most emotions inside me when we're playing it, but mostly a feeling of melancholy swirls throughout its duration. Probably the most enjoyable solos for us two to play are right in this one.

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