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Francesco Tonazzini comments on each song on the album Another Life (2005):

Another Life - One of the last song and my favourite even if I'm not so satisfied of the final shape of this track. We decided to put it as opener of the album because it is quite easy-listening but still heavy. The vocal and drum work as intro for the song and the entire album. This is the last song I wrote with Andrea and Ross. The lyrics speaks about a man who had lived a life withouth balance and he had committed da lot of bad deeds. Now he want to improve his life but he must faces with the demons of the past. You can't erase you past because it will come back to you..soner or later.

Fast & Easy - This is also one of the last songs we wrote for this album. Federico came to us with the complete song. Great riffs and fast guitar solo. It shows his hard rock background. The lyrics speaks about chill out and goofing around city during night.

Colours And Experience - The first songs that we worked on for the album. this song is written by me, Ross and Andrea during the first reahrsal after the splited up between Ross and the old members. This song has got a lot of energy and I'm sure is the beast that work great live. I like it very much especially the guitar intro. The lyrics speaks about a man who has lost the right way and the reason to live...maybe the salvation of god is the last oppurtunity to rise up from his pain.

The Haunting - This song was born by the other axe Federico Accardo. He came to us with the idea of the guitar intro..and greater part of the riffs...than we have arranged it alltogether in reharsal places. This one of the favourite song of media...It has got a lot of riffs closest to thrash music and athmosphere are darkest than a power metal song. The lyrics are quite simple and speaks about a killer that wanna kill a man..

Together - Without any doubt, this is the fastest song on the album! It starts off with the awesome drum intro of Ross. As The Haunting this song is quite different from the others in "Another Life". Before entering Shining Fury I was playing in a death thrash metal band...this is one of the songs where you can find my old influences. This track contains a lot of back vocals and lead guitars. It has a fast and killer drum, but it also has the most melodic rifrain of the album.

Eternal Fight - This song is a mid-heavy tempo. It was the first of the promo, and it pretty similar to german's power metal. If you like bands like Hellowen I think you'll enjoy this track. The lyrics speaks about the double personality of a mad man that want to kill another man. He must resist to the strong tempation of Evil ...even if quite simple lost the godness of our kind..

Neither Words Nor Kisses - Another song from Federico Accardo. The guitar solo is one of my favourite. This track is closest to prog- mteal. The lyrics speaks about whore...the pleasure and nastyness of passing nights with these women...

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde - Again a song that differs quite a lot from the other tracks on "Another Life". I wrote this song with Andrea and Ross after the recordings of the promo almost 6 - 7 months ago. The first version was totally different from the one you can hear in the album. I have worked a lot to create the feeling with of the transformation between Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Five Years Ago - One of the oldest song of "Another LIfe". I like it very much and I think it's one of the best track, but it 's pretty similar to the classic power metal songs...so people and media usually doesn't like it. Maybe 10 years ago it has been more appreciated. The lyrics speaks about a love story or something like that.

Highway Star - Ross came to us with the idea of covering this osng because Francesco was the singer of a cover band of Deep Purple. Ross had already listen to him sing this song. He remained really surprise for the energy and semplicity how Francesco singed it.

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