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Rob Rock comments on each song on the album Holy Hell (2005):

Here is an email I received that I believe expresses the album pretty well. I added a few of my own comments after each one too to make it personal.


The album opens with a blazing metal tune called "Slayer Of Souls". One of Rock's finest moments. This is a fast paced number that screams classic heavy metal. This has been released to radio and is sure to draw many new fans who are craving the traditional melodic metal sound. //This song has a very"live" vocal performance on it and even has a bit of a "thrash" rhytmic feel to it. This song came out killer in the mix and I was so pleasantly surprised I opened up the album with it.

Next up is a song that is a definite grower. The first time I heard "First Winds Of The End Of Time" I really didn't think much of it but now after multiple listens it is one of my favorites on the new disc. //This is a grinding groove that punishes you severly as you get into the main verse. I always thought this song was strong and it definitely gives the album a heavier feel.

Track three is a mid-paced metal anthem titled "Calling Angels" and, in my humble opinion, has one of the most infectious choruses Rob has ever sung. This tune has also been released to radio for airplay and I agree that this was a wise choice for a single. //This song was a great surprise too. It originally was going to be on "Eyes Of Eternity" but I didn't finish the lyrics and vocals until this year. A great melody and nice vocal harmonies like you hears with my "Impellitteri" songs.

"Holy Hell". Another barnburner with an incredible chorus. Sometimes I wonder how Rob is able to keep coming up with so many catchy and memorable vocal melodies. This song shows that Rob is truly a master of his craft. //My favorite song at the moment - killer drums and killer lyrics and melody! A high speed metalfest and four minutes later you have to hear it again because you can not possibly take it all in in the first one to five listens.

"Lion Of Judah
". Probably the most epic of all the tracks here. This one has quickly become one of my all-time favorite Rob Rock tunes. The power of this song has to be heard to be believed! I can't say enough great things about this track. So I won't try. I will let you the listener find out for yourself. //I'll just add that when I finished singing this one in the studio, it was one of my favourites. Not a single but definitely and epic vibe and feel and an awesome guitar solo. I added some very high vocals last minute when we were in mix mode and the result was phenomenal.

For some reason Rob decided to do a new recording of an old standard. "I'm A Warrior" has become something of a Rob Rock trademark or theme song if you will. I must say his voice sounds better on this version than any previous version of this song. A true classic. Mid-paced and highly melodic, this song will have you singing alone by the second chorus! If you haven't heard this song before then this alone makes the disc worth the price of admission. //I wanted to put this song on a 'Rob Rock' album because I've been playing it "live" for years and it's one of my favorite songs that I have written over the years and a fan favorite at our concerts. This is the version I recorded with Roy Z back in 1989 when we first demo-ed the song for records labels.

"I'll Be Waiting For You". One of the most moving ballads I have ever heard. I think part of the emotional impact comes from knowing it is dedicated to the memory of Rob's father who passed away last year. You may remember Rob's father (along with his mother) contributed some vocal harmonies to the song "Fields Of Fire" from Rob's 2003 epic "Eyes Of Eternity". //This is a personal therapy session for me. Nice ballad, all about the song and emotions and it's a song of hope.

"When Darkness Reigns". Another ripping tune that has an opening guitar riff that reminds me of something from 80's era Maiden or Priest. Then the song suddenly changes to a very modern guitar tone, almost metalcore in delivery, with a harmonic squeal firmly in place. Then somehow it melds everything together to create the perfect metal sound. The guitars are more varied in this song. This is all courtesy of guitar master Roy Z. (Halford, Priest, Dickinson). //Another 'live' vibe song - by this I mean it's a true performance vocal. Great drums once again.

"Revelation" is a track that sports a Maiden-esque gallop with a traditional metal sound. Not leaving out some harmonic squeal that reminds the listener we are in the year 2005. The listener is once again reminded of the fact that Rob is simply at the top of his game vocally. //I think this has a killer chorus too and very interesting lyrically.

Last up we have another Abba cover "Move On" (Rob covered "Eagle" on 2000's "Rage Of Creation") which features dual vocals from Rob and Edguy mastermind Tobias Sammet. This song is amazing and stands out as something a bit different from the rest of the disc giving it some diversity and making it a more enjoyable listen. //Tobias does a great job and this is a great song. Huge chorus harmonies and stacks of vocals make it a treat for singers. Roy arranged th lead vocals quite different from the original version and the drums and guitars also make it stand strong. Very interesting and yes it is a bit different from the rest of the album.


The lead guitar work throughout "Holy Hell" is superb and showcases the talents of several different guitarists including Carl Grimmark (Narnia), Roy Z., Bob Rossi,and Rick Renstrom. Lyrically fans will love this as Rob lets his faith shine and tells glorious tales of triumph and virtue in a world of darkness and decay. //Roy Z and Carl Grimmark did about 5 songs each for rhythm guitars and also most of the solos. Grimmark did an amazing job and added a special dimension to the album. Jacob Hansen also added a great mix and I am very pleased with the result. I think the Roy Z production is one of his best and I think what makes this album stand out so much is the high quality song writing. Every song is really good and that was our goal from the very beginning. Derek Gores did an excellent job on the cover too. As you can tell, I am very pleased with "Holy Hell".

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