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James Lars comments on each song on the album Hell In A Box (2008):

Viva La Muerte - The song from the punkrock guy Ace in the band. Lyrics in memory of Paul Raven. Was the only song finished while we recorded.

Jesus Factor Negative - An older song too. Written in tourbreaks and times of nothing to do for our singer. So jesus help me I'm bored to death. Live feeling in the middle and an hardcore end.

Hell In A Box - Who's the evil guy? Tattooed, long hair metal guy who moms point the finger on or the nice looking businessman who fucked up every guy for a nickel? Best rock n roll President Evil song. Titeltrack. We made a video to this song. Much fun with the devil, his girls and a ford mercury `49 watch it on www.myspace.com/presidentevil.

White Fire - A marching song with punkrock chorus. Motörhead feeling and a hardcore ending. Bang your head ….

King Asshole - Our smooth and lazy song. Sometimes it's good to be an asshole but better to be the king of the assholes. Riffing influenced by Black Sabbath, some stoner feeling and acessoires. Even some beams.

The Anti Loser - Drum man solo part 2. Song was written by our drummer Diamond. First drums, what up next? Nothing. Stoner metal riffing and an anitloser was born. Only real doublebass President Evil song. Inviting you to shake your head or whatever you want to.

Bring Out Your Dead - Special song. First practising after Ace's dad passed by. Not many words. A lot of music and a new kind of darksadfeeling President Evil song developed this night.

The Return Of The Speed Cowboys - Simple speedrock song. We are back…..

Godforsaken - To play this song it's like to march to your kitchen and stamp some potatoes. Groovy part with simple rocking chorus and an surprising Slayer influenced solo. Nobody likes this solo but me. So it's my solo made of my mind, to much of red wine and something I don't really know. Fun to play.

One Brain Army - Only song made by me on the acoustic guitar at home. At the rehearsel room on try and the song was finished. Great feeling from the belly. A little bit Spiritual Beggars riffing.

New Junk City- The first song after recording the trash'n roll asshole show. Influenced by COC. Little bit of '80 metal feeling.

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