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Steve Williams comments on each song on the album Magic Never Dies (2005):

Hey there! Welcome to my short (not short enough I hear you saying...hehe!) introduction to the Magic Never Dies album by way of a song by song analysis. I hope it gives you an idea of where some of the songs and ideas came from.

On with the show..........


Ascension - I had the melody and the basic arrangement for this piece quite early on in the writing process. We wanted something uplifting but a little bit different to a typical intro. While at the studio, Clive Nolan heard the piece and asked if he could orchestrate the whole thing for us. I think the results speak for themselves and Clive has given it an almost film score type feel. This would also make a prefect "intro tape" for the live shows I think.

Find My Heaven - The album opener proper and in many ways a typical Power Quest song, although the lead melody is played by the guitar rather than the keyboard. The solo section has a slightly classical feel to it which adds something extra I think. All in all a song that would sit very well in the live set, with a big sing along chorus.

Galaxies Unknown - Without doubt, this is the fastest song on the album. This one is about the idea of escaping a dying Earth in search of a new planet to call home. Unfortunately some people are left behind to face the world being torn apart but a thought is spared for them in the lyric as well. This song is represented in the album booklet artwork.

Hold On To Love - The first of a couple of hard rock influenced tracks on the album, with a message that I think most of us can relate to in some way. Alessio's vocal performance on this is laden with emotion and the guitar solo has an almost Thin Lizzy type vibe to it. I could imagine this song being a big hit on radio, given half a chance. Great fun to play as well!

Diamond Sky - Another fast song, this time composed by Andrea and Alessio which adds a slightly different flavour to proceedings. It's great to see some of the guys coming in with songs for PQ albums as well. The shortest song on the record at just under four minutes, but still with that catchy feel to it.

The Message - Magic Never Dies' ballad. Beginning with an acoustic guitar solo and leading into a song about relationships and how being away for long stretches of time rarely works. The guy still loves the girl but he loves being on the road just as much. Not necessarily about being a musician per se, but about anything that involved being away from home for long periods.

Soulfire - Stadium rock with a power metal edge! Very anthemic keyboard progression to open the song and lyrically the song is about no matter how tough things can get the fire in the soul or the human spirit just doesn't know when to give up. The solo section of this song is one of my favourites on the album with it's almost progressive metal edge...another song that is represented in the album booklet artwork.

Children Of The Dream - The second hard rock edged song on the album and one of Alessio's favourite songs on the album. This one is about how when we are children we have no cares in the world. Everything seems possible to us and no dream is too far from our grasp. The song goes on to tell how things change as we get older and wiser. Our perpspective is tinged with reality, although at heart many of us are still children of the dream. The imagery for this song in the booklet is awesome!

Strike Force - Send for the Strike Force! hehe! When you feel in danger......etc. This song is asking what the hell can we do if we are trapped and cornered with nowhere to turn and the wolves are closing in. Call on the Strike Force to solve the problems. Another song with prog metal tinges in places and another cracking solo section and one that is sure to be a favourite live. You can see the Strike Force ships in the booklet on a couple of occasions.

Another World - Mine and Francesco's favourite song on the new album, probably because we are brothers in prog! An Eastern theme opens the song before heading into a very catchy mid paced section. This song is about being trapped in another world, or is it the same world in the future? This is also the longest song on the album, clocking in at just under eight minutes.

Magic Never Dies - Title track and album closer (except in Japan where they have the bonus track "The Longest Night"). I just love the beginning to this track with the keyboard effect and guitar and then the drums and bass come in before the keyboards and guitars join in properly. This one is about how the art of magic has been lost over the years and centuries but the last of the mages "conjured a spell that would live forever" and sent himself into the future to ensure that magic survives. This song inspired the album cover itself which I think is our best yet. Immense thanks to Toxic Angel for such a great CD booklet.

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