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Jan Bünning comments on each song on the album Revenge (2005):

Intro/Impaler - A doublebass opner with a great melodic chorus and a very long leadguitar part in the middle, where You can even hear a long leadpart by Tom Naumann of Primal Fear. The song was written very spontanous: Martin came into the rehearsal room and Big M and I arranged it a little bit. Martin also already had some lyrics as well as a melody line for them. As far as I remeber the version we recorded is not to far away from the version we recorded as demo´before. The lyrics are inspired by the very cool movie Van Helsing.

Assassins - One of the fastest and most aggressive Paragon songs ever, the main riff almost sounds like Thrash Metal. When we entered the studio it was more or less a "standard" speed song, but Piet said it sounds not aggressive enough compared to the rest of the songs. So Martin and Piet reworked the riffs a little bit and the vocals were almost changed completly.

Traitor - A straight forward stomper in the vein of old Accept but far more aggressive. This is along with Masters Of The Seas and Symphony of Pain one of my favourites on the album. It´s also almost like the version we rehearsed before going into the studio. It´s very staight forward without any breaks and we only changed the chorus a little bit in the studio.

Masters Of The Seas - One of the most unique songs of Paragon ever, our first "Epic" and my absolute favourite! Some critics complained that we were sometimes to straight forward and simple. So I told Martin let´s write a epic like some old Mercyful Fate, Metallica, Priest or Maiden songs. He then came into the rehearsal room with all the riffs and an arrangement. Big M and I dind´t liked the arrangement too much, so we changed a lot. This is the most ambitions song we ever did and it was very hard to record and especially to mix. Piet did a great job on it we almost recorded it one to one to the original version. We also already played it live and the people love it.

Revenge - A very fast and aggressive track and also the title song. This is also a little bit different to other Paragon tracks as it has a twin lead theme as main riff and a very aggressive shouted refrain.

Symphony Of Pain - This is the third of my favourites on the album (even I love of course every song). When Martin and Buschi finished the recording of the track Martin told me this could be a bonus song as it is not as good as the rest and also "different". When I heard the mixed song I had to disagree totally as it really one of the best tracks on the album! I love the refrain and the mix of melancholic, melodic music and the very evil lyrics which deal with the feelings of a serail killer. Piet and Buschi had a lot of fun while recording it as Piet´s little kids ran around in the studio and both were glad they still could not understand any English!

Beyond The Veil - Also almost an epic with a very doomy feeling and a mighty chorus. It was a little bit inspired by the movie Pirates of The Caribian and works very good live.

The Battle Rages On - This song changend a lot in the studio concerning the vocals and especially the chorus. To be honest I prefered the old much more aggressive version but the others really like it now. We had some arguemtns about it, but in the end it´s still a very good song.

Art Of War - It´s fast, melodic and chatchy - it´s simple, straight forward Paragon song with a hymnal chorus!

Empire Of The Lost - The first song we recorded with Piet he took credits for. Buschi had totally different lyrics to this song but right before the recordings he realized that Twisted Tower Dire had a song with the same title and the same topic (the witches eyes). So he and Piet sat in the studio and wrote new lyrics which deal with an ancient race and also rearranged the whole song. I guess it´s one of our best ballads we ever wrote, especially because it´s just pure Buschi - without any backing vocals from somebody else!

The Gods Made Heavy Metal - Our bonus track for the Paragon Legions. The song was for a Manowar Tribute which was supposed to come out on Nuclear Blast, but it was never released. We liked our version very much so we thought it would be a good idea to put it on Revenge as bonus. We choose this song becuase it´s almost a hymn at the Headbanger´s Ballroom very we also rehearse and it also fits very good to our playing style.

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