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Janne Stark comments on each song on the album Let The Metal Do The Talking (2008):

Army Of Darkness - One of the first new songs on the album, written by Kenth Ericsson. The lyrics are very "computer game", which is Kenth in a nut shell. We figured we wanted a high speed rocker in the tradition of "Back On The Hunt" and this is it. A nice kick-start of the album!

Let The Metal Do The Talking - This one was actually written by Kjell back in 1982. The title is of course a pun on Joe Perry's album title "Let the Music Do the Talking". I actually re-wrote the lyrics when we got the idea for the album cover. A bit of slide guitar in it as well!

Fight To The Finish - A song I wrote back in 1986 and which we demoed with my post-Overdrive band Overheat. We never did anything with the demo and we figured the song was too good to throw away. The lyrics were also written back then and it's basically about sticking to what you believe in and never give up.

Bring Me To Submission - A new song, one of the last ones I wrote for the album. No, the lyrics are not about S&M. Maybe the most "modern" sounding track on the album with a nice driving groove though.

Trapped Under Ice - Another one written by Kjell back in 1985, meant to be on our third album which never happened. I wrote the lyrics back then, but it was never recorded with vocals.

Deceived - A new track penned by Kenth. I felt the riff reminded me a bit of The Obsessed, which is a band I really like. Some say Candlemass. Doesn't matter, Kenth has heard neither. Kenth wrote lyrics to this one as well. Kinda dark and twisted about a disturbed man who kills his family.

Den Of Iniquity (instrumental) - When all the tracks for the album were written and ready we had a party. My girlfriend then asked if we didn't have an instrumental track on this album, which is sort of standard for us. Well, the day after I wrote this one in less than an hour. It's quite a happy number.

Gravy Train - Another one written by Kjell (music) and myself (lyrics) for the third album back in 1985. Per came up with the operatic intro, which is quite cool!

Chasing Highways - The first one I wrote for the album. An early version was featured on a compilation given to the people who bought four days tickets to the Sweden Rock Festival last year. Another high speed metal song. Per wrote the lyrics for this one. His first writing contribution!

Lodestar - A new one, also written by Kjell (music) and me (lyrics). We didn't know what to make of this one when Kjell played the initial demo. It goes from happy, to fast, to doomy, to melodic. It's all over the place, which on the other hand is typically Kjell.

Sinister Warfare - This one I also wrote back in 1985 for the third album. A more riff oriented thing with a tempo change in the chorus. We kept playing this one in Overheat, but never recorded it.

Reincarnation - This one I was also working on back in 1985. I wanted to make a long and epical song with various parts and moods, from doom to Maidenesque metal to a soft ending. The lyrics were written back in 1985, but I made some changes before we recorded it. I've been working quite a lot with Italian singer Chris Catena and wanted to feature him on this track. I figured the soft ending would fit him well, so he sings the clear voice and Per does the whispering in the background.

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