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Nils Eriksson comments on each song on the album Grand Illusion (2005):

Fools Never Die - Sometimes writing songs takes a while for us. The idea for the main riff/melody came out of the blue one night, but the rest of the song took a few turns before it was done. At first we had a totally different verse and chorus, no where near as good as the ones that ended up in the album verson. Luckily we never give up intil we know something truly slays, so we just waited till the rest fell on place. We've only played this song a few times live yet. but already it is turning into one of my faves to perform on stage.

Never Trust - One of my favourites on the album. This one also had a few parts different from what ended up on the album version. While mixing and recording the keyboards, the main riff turned out even heavier than I had imagined. Norberg wrote the riff and Fredrik and I are pretty much responsible for the rest, part from the solos of course. This should probably serve as a really cool live song.

Still Alive - Also one of my absolute faves on the album. I think this song has a really driven energy and a kick ass punkish (!) attitude. I love it. This song was done pretty quick for being us. We didn't change much from the first demo version to the album version, actually. This song has some really cool solo parts by Nils. This dude surely knows how to handle his axe.

Something Undefined - This song came alive so much in the studio it's almost scary. At times I had my doubts about it, but when we started doing the vocals and nailed everything for the chorus I knew it was an album track for sure. I like the rythm in the verses and the riff. Kind of hypnotic. One of Jonny's absolute faves, I might add.

Our Wasted Days - One of the first songs we wrote for the album. I love the chorus and, well, all parts actually. I think this song has a cool energy that easily gets to you. I also think Nils is playing one of his best guitar solos ever on this song.

Cuts Like A Knife - Probably one of the wierdest songs in our carreer. This one features vocals by our buddy Kristoffer from Naglfar. I love the way this song turned out. It's so heavy it's not even funny and it has some truly wicked solo parts.

End Of Our Rope - An epic, uptempo ballad, if that's even possible. I love Jonny's performance on this song. He sings his heart out really prooves he's a world class singer. Also one of the first songs, or ideas at least, we had for this album.

Never Ending - Great energy, sing alongish chorus and up tempo. Kind of a classic NR song - rough and agressive, yet with melody. I remember Nils showing us the intro, main riff and an idea for a verse one late, snowy night. I loved it right away and knew this one would be on the album.

One By One - Fredrik and I wrote the main parts of this song quite long ago, can't remember when, but it was also on of the first ideas we had when we started working on the album. I remember us demoing it to Owe right beofre some show we did last year and he loved the idea.

Deliverance - Heavy, kind of epic and with a really soaring chorus. One of the last songs we finished before entering the studio. It turned out even better than I had hoped for. I love Jonny's vocals on this one as well as the heavy groove throughout the whole song. A great album closer in my mind.

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