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Mike comments on each song on the album Bullet In Your Head (2008):

Bullet In Your Head - This song is basically one of our favorites. Lyrically it's about paying someone back for his deeds. It's a bit like revenge, but more like self-justice. Someone fucked with us, so in the right time we put the gun on his head and pull the trigger. Even if he prays for mercy, the only thing he gets is 9 millimeters, with heart of lead. This song is one of our latest ones I think. It has a lot of drive and melody - I think it's our style theme. We have chosen this song to be our promo track, because it has a lot of our favorites ingredients: melody, chopping riffs, mechanic movements and some twisted solos. Wild vocals just fill the last empty space. Cool thing is with heavy chops and solo part in the middle of the song is a turning point as in music as well in lyrics. You can imagine someone pointing a gun in the head of the other, kneeling guy. Very solid and catchy song.

An Eye For An Eye - When we were choosing the promo song this one was also under consideration. As main theme in our lyrics in this album is paying the debts to subjects who fucked with us or fooled us, this song is also written in the same spirit. Firstly the title was "An Eye For An Eye Makes That World Blind" which is, in fact, the chorus line, but we shortened it - we thought it's too long. The original title came from video game, but I don't remember the title of that game. Anyway, along with the wild lyrics some hard driving riffs follow. There are loads of instrumental parts, very long solo parts with passages that reminiscence some kind of classical music. In the middle of the song is a little joke which is disco rhythm pattern. We actually like to play with music.

On The Edge - History of this one is comparatively long. The first motive was written a long ago. I was a teenager when I wrote it. Since that time it has grown and become a full length song. This changing shows some sort of becoming adult. And that's the theme of lyrics. When we become a grown man, there are a lot of things to face. It's also a metaphor of every new step in our lives. We step in new world, new situations with tines of questions and we don't know the answers. It's like being on the crossroads on the desert. You can't see nothing then send in every possible direction and you have to make your mind and go in one direction. As the atmosphere of the lyrics is kind of nervous same is with the music. It's fast and really heavy grounded. Drums are like machinegun, perfectly filling the guitars. Song ends with some neoclassical passages. There are some cool flavors to discover.

My Last Breath - So called "Ballad". It's the most monumental song on "Bullet In Your Head" album. It's a romantic vision of passing away. Romantic as in spirit as in significance. Musically it's really heavy and has a lot of vibe and groove. Some riffs are very aggressive and every time you hear them you want to bang you head. Of course it can't be missed that this song has some very fine melodic lines and dramatic solo. This song contains cool idea of chorus. Thanks to Zed, our sound wizard, we made chorus the way as they are recorded. Very fine conception in my opinion.

Mirror Of Sins - Once we thought about using this title to put it as an album title. The main riff is one of the heaviest riff we've ever played. This song is filled with those heavy parts as well as with melodic movements. Lyrically "Mirror Of Sins" is about an addiction or about regret of our own deeds. It depends on what you are looking for in the lyrics. It may be very metaphoric or literal. Whatever you decide it's cool to take a closer look to vocals on this one. We have here some sort of "Behemoth's" singing manner at the choirs. Some of them are really demonic. This idea came while we were in the studio, which was located in the border of big forest complex. Great influence.

Hidden - With "Deadend" it's the most neo-classically and heavy metal influenced song by Made Of Hate. It's also one of the oldest song. We have a lot of guitar works here, loads of melodic passages and classical harmony. Plus there is an epic solo in the middle of the song. Another cool idea, that came up in the studio, is chorus. It's actually some sort of a rhyme game, the one that children play in the playground, common in every culture. Lyrically the song is about duality of our lives. On the one hand there is something that you want to do or at least you wish to do. On the other hand there is something that you have to do, whatever you like it or not. That duality comes out in the time of making life choices…Which side will win?

Judgement - This song is very solid piece of Made Of Hate. It's dynamic and has some big balls riffs. You can hear a lot of guitar passages in this song. As the title says this track from "Bullet In Your Head' is set in the main theme of this album which is some kind of revenge, paying back to our enemies. The funny thing is that before we laid the tracks for this song we had a little time off in the middle of the studio session. We went for a journey to hang around the studio. We went to a ruins of castle and we had a little knight fight. Guitars against bass and drums. We had a very good time and when we came back to the studio to record "Judgement" it was really a fighting atmosphere, haha. As a curiosity I'll add that this song was supposed to be supported by a siring quartet. In the end it was supported by Jack Daniels.

Deadend - This is the only song that was written in cooperation. All the songs are actually written by me (Mike Kostrzynski), this one is written by me (Mike) and Radek. Lyrically it's about being led into the deadend and desire to pay someone responsible for that. So it's also in the main stream of the album. Musically it's very moving and heavy. Plus there are some little solos and small melody runs. The coolest thing about that song is solo, because it starts with classical manner, then some heavy metal stuff and then a surprise - piece of baroque music by J. S. Bach repeated twice. First time is the solo, second time is a solo dual for two guitars. Really cool stuff. I bet you're gonna like it as it's the most recognizable piece of Bach.

Fallout - This is funny one. Basically the idea of the lyrics is taken from video game with the same title. We are all fans of "Fallout" series and we wanted to show it through the music. So lyrically it's about post nuclear time and reality. Musically it's the fastest song by Made Of Hate. Drums go crazy as well as other instruments. The coolest part in that song, in my opinion, is the instrumental part. There are a lot of guitar duals, melody of the riffs and wilderness. This killer one closes 'Bullet In Your Head" album with white noise.

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