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Flow Velten comments on each song on the album The Infinity Complex (2006):

Teeth Vs. Curb - Relationships usually don´t last forever. You spent a lot of time, effort and emotions into it, just to figure out that it was for nothing. When you reached that point where you realize and understand that all this was just a waste of time, it hits you like a hammer in the face. The title is just an explanation of how you feel in this situation. This song might sound like an 08/15 metalcore track and probably makes people who hate metalcore from the bottom of their heart stop listening to the rest of the album, but fuck that, we don t care. The breakdown in the middle comes unexpected and I really love the oriental-moshpart in the end.

Losses To Lessons - this is basically the sequel to the first song. The topic is the same, but it goes a bit further. The quint essence is, that there´s no time for regrets, cause it doenst change anything at all. So turn your losses into lessons, make it better the next time and move on! This is also one of our favorites, cause it got everything. It´s really hard and brutal in the beginning, really metal, followed by a midtempo part, kinda like lamb of god. It has a two-step, kinda oldschool hc part and a really catchy ending with harmonies.

Bleeding From Within - It seems that suicide and borderline is a really serious problem nowadays. Sometimes, when I see all these kids on myspace with their emo-I-don´t-wanna-live-attitude I m not sure if they are serious or if it s just the new black, like beeing bi-sexual or hello kitty. Anyways, I worked for 9 months at a lunatic-asylum. Besides all those freaks, child-abusers and drug-addicts you get all these kids that tried to commit suicie or suffer from borderline as well. I talked to some of them, and why they do it, and usually its just a lack of attention. The song is about what they told me. I never did cut myself or even thought about committing suicide. I just hope that kids understand that this is serious and not something you should add to yo profile to look cool… This is the only song where we added clean sing. But still it doesn t sound so generic and emo like the most metalcore bands do.

Downpour Of Emptiness - There´s not really much to say about that one, cause the title is self-explaining. Musicwise I like that one a lot. The beginning of the song works out really good live with people clapping their hands. The fast parts are really good for circlepits and the heavy breakdown is epic.

Friendster Is Sooo 2 Months Ago - This is def not a typical metalcore song. It is simple, but really noisy. Someone said it sounds a bit like voivod. The song is about all these kids that just follow their leaders and every fucking stupid trend because they care more about what others might think of them than about their selves. People should just wake up and stand their ground and just say what they really think despite what others might say. The title was actually more a joke. Friendster is an online community, just like MySpace. Friendster was there before, and everyone went on it. Unfortunatly this page was so damn slow that it took forever to watch a profile or write a message. Then MySpace appeared, with the same and even more features and everyone switched to Myspace. So all those kids who were still on friendster weren´t cool anymore. When we wrote the song, we thought that might be a funny title, accordng to the topic of the lyrics, as an expression like: "the cool kids ain´t on that site anymore, it´s so old….Myspace is the new shit!" Unfortunatly our record was that late released, that the title would have been better "friendster is soo 2 years ago"..

Kiss Me Now Kill Me Later - Most people say that this song is their favorite. It s also really heavy and got a lot variation. The moshpart is really different to the other songs. Its also the only track that featured blastbeats. The song is really groovy without losing his brutality. I really love the ending…reminds me a bit of crowbar.

Butterfly Coma - Sky was jamming around and recorded this at home just for fun. He sent me an mp3 of it and I really liked it. That was about two or three months before we hit the studio. When we were recording I remembered the song. Since we were pretty fast with the recordings I suggested that we should work on that one and add it to our record. Basically it wasn't planned to add this song, but now we´re happy that we did it. It shows another side of us and gives the record an unexpected feature. Also, since this is such a peacefull and calm track, it makes the next one sound even more brutal. The title is a hommage towards the dude who designed our artwork, since his company is called "Amokkoma". The butterfly was added, cause it fits to the artwork. A butterfly also a symbol for changes or surprises. So we thought that this would be a nice title.

Your Own Fault - Sometimes people don't realize that what they do or the way they act and behave isn´t healthy for their friendships. If they realize it, it´s usually too late. A lot of people are blaming everyone else when things don t work out the right way. It´s often their own fault but they are just too blind to realize that.I wanted to have some guestvocals right from the beginning on, cause I thought that it would fit quite good, since, according to the topic, it´s often a couple "friends" who feel that way. We re good friends with "As We Fight", and since they are from denmark, I asked Laurits if he would do it. Jacob liked the song a lot so we asked him as well and he was down. Besides the fact that three dudes telling that one person that his behaviour is the reason that he´s alone now, fits quite good, it also adds some fresh air to the record.

Forever Gone - This song is about a good friend who committed suicide when he was 19. People who commit suicide usually don´t do it without a reason, and often it´s predictable. He had a drug and alcohol problem, and we all tried to get him away from that. After consuming chemical drugs he was brought to a mental-hospital, where he was kept. He had to take pills to be able to lead a normal life. Besides a few friends he had lost everything. His family didn´t want to have anything to do with him, he lost his job, and so on. He was really depressed and then he stopped taking his medicine. He threw himself in front of a train. Later a letter was found, were he said, that he couldn't go on with his life, cause the only way to lead a normal life is when he´s on medicine. Also the fact that his family banned him was something he couldn't take anymore. He also said a lot of other things. The shitty thing for the friends was that we all saw this coming but there wasn´t anything that we could do about it.

Injected Smiles - People who do drugs aczually know that it ain´t a good thing. They know that it would be better to stop it but they can´t cause the good feelings are probably too good and maybe they are afraid of not beeing able to have good times without it. Sometimes relationships are the same. It would be better, cause you´re the one who suffers, but you just can t let go. The song is really brutal, starting from the beginning on with no warning and a really heavy moshpart. In the middle is the nice, harmonic part, directly followed by the brutal part of the song. I think that the music fits really good with the lyrics: the sad and brutal realyity turning into the harmonic part and back.

Angel Wings - A really short song. Eventhough it´s simple and brutal it´s still catchy. Live an absolute killer. Lyricwise it´s about how people change after some time. The title is probably the only thing to complain about, but it fits the lyrics.

Fuck Your Dead Heart - Trash and hardcore. A really fast and heavy song. The breakdown and the call-in moshpart is really heavy and caused a lot of brutal pits live. Most of the people think, by reading the title, that this is another song about me beeing pissed of cause of a relationship that didt work out. But yeah, it´s totally different. It´s more about someone who got a really bad, uncureable desease and cause of that he just turned into the biggest emotional asshole ever, which makes it really hard for his friends.

Snow White - Since we didn't use an intro on our record, we thought it would be a good idea to add an outro. Sky wrote this in the studio pretty spontaneously. We all liked it, so we kept it.

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