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Jarloc Darkstar comments on each song on the album Journeys, Fables and Lore (2008):

Ohio based Celtic Power Metal Pagan Gods Lunarium are releasing their debut CD: Journeys, Fables, And Lore on Farvahar Records. I asked bassist Jarloc to create some brief descriptions for the amazing songs on this masterpiece. Here is what he was able to commend to our noble hearts. If you have not heard this CD, and you enjoy artists like Falconer, Flogging Molly, Ensiferum, Waylander, Falkenbach, Turisas, etc. I highly recommend you seek out these moon chasers.

Warcry - A story about the struggle of the early Celtic tribes against the encroachment of the Roman empire. A speech by a Roman General is paraphrased in this song.

Death Rides On Winged Glory - This song is our tribute to the Witch-King of Angmar from Tolkien's Middle Earth.

Sea Dragons - The tale of a Viking warrior on his way home from a raid. On the way he realizes that Ragnarok, the final battle between gods and giants, is drawing near.

The Divine Infidelity Of A False Prophet - This song is about the rejection of Christian repression and the forging of one's own spiritual path.

Heritage Taken - The story of how the Northern people were subjugated by the coming of new religion, and how the old spirit still lives on in the hearts of many, but not all.

Liberation - This song is about the folk fighting back against those who would seek to enslave them. The chorus is our interpretation of a chanted melody, as sung before battle.

Hail The Fallen - This is our ode to the heroes of legend and myth who fell after living lives of mighty deeds and adventure. It is the newest song in our repertoire.

Brothers in Arms - This is a story of four knights tilting for the hand of a princess, and what happens when the fourth, a bit of a womanizer, claims his prize a little early.

Feast Of Sargonnas - The name was taken from the Dragonlance series, and revolves around a tribe who send a warrior each year to kill a minotaur and gain the secret of eternal song. Needless to say, they haven't succeeded so far.

1066 - Ah, the darkest day in English history. This is the story of William, Harold, Harald Hardraada, and the events leading up to the Norman conquest, including the battles of Hastings and Stamford Bridge.

Elizabeth's Song - This is an ode to a local ghost story, centering around a haunted cemetery. The recording is interspersed with EVP (electronic voice phenomena) recordings from the gravesite.

The Waymen - This is an epic tale of a group of warriors who are tired of losing friends in war and seek to slay Morrigan, the Celtic war goddess. They are slain to a man, who confronts her alone despite losing all.

Ale - Our version of an Irish drinking song. I invite all who listen to draw their own conclusions…

Luna's Wake - This is the beginning of the "mythology" that we have centered around those who bear our stage names Cinnaed, Rygon, Jarloc, and Justyn. It is the story of four warrior-bards who traveled time and space to the modern age and seek to conquer the world through song.

Trollslayer - We have taken all of the oppressors, preachers, idiots, and tyrants in the world and given them the title of "Troll." This song is actually about overcoming adversity and rising to greatness, despite its goofy, fantastic trappings.

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