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Zack Grimm comments on each song on the album Kingscrossing (2007):

When I asked Zack Grimm to provide a Song By Song commentary, he was more than willing to comply. He also sent me the lyrics, which were not included in my cd booklet; so I could appreciate the songs with a more solicitious rendering, and thereby, gain greater understanding of their overall meaning. Having explanations for each track creates a passionately personalistic vibe, which allows for a sincere emotional response, and deeper dedication to the music. So sojourn with this brave knight's tale of true ditties:

Kingscrossing - This is a song viewed from a knights point of view in the Medieval ages. It is about how it must have been to defend the Kingdoms back then.

Powersource - Is about becoming a modern day vampire, and realizing opportunities missed.

L.I.F.E. - Life is about life in general. The struggles we all face every day; those things we see on the news, and the corrupt system we all deal with from day to day.

Brainwashed/Nightmares - both songs are about my life, and what I went through, in order to become who I am today. About six years ago, I was falsely diagnosed by doctors for depression. I was put on 16 different anti-depressants, which really flipped my life upside down. I lost my house, my beautiful wife, and I had no desire to really do anything, anymore. (This could have been a good country song... huh?) LOL! To make a long story short, I was on those meds for two years, then I spent two years going through detox programs; only to discover that I suffered from sleep apnea, a sleeping disorder. The good news is that surgery fixed me up, and I was able to get back on track. I have been doing great ever since. This was a mind bogling experience, but I was able to turn things around in a positive light; thankful, to be writing Metal again!

Reflections - Is about how we view the world we live in. Why do people use hate to control or gain things? This is true, especially where music in concerned. People are turning people against each other, availing inequal opportunity for the weasels in life to take advantage of us. They exploit the things we work hard to obtain, they step on the goals we all try to achieve. Look what happened to the music industry, for one example, and how Metal faded. The hope we have is for the younger generations to see through the BS, that we had to live through, and keep things on the right track; so that we all can keep Metal alive.

Angels In the Night - We all see how tough people get when they have a gun, right? We had a friend who was in a confrontation years ago, he was shot and almost died. He said when he was lying there bleeding, thinking he was going to die, that he saw angels. He had this divine vision right before he blacked out, and thought it was over.

Stallker - This is a modern tale about a Dr. Jeckyl / Mr. Hyde meets Jack the Ripper. I think we all know someone that fits the bill…LOL!

Bed Of Nails - I think sometimes we all feel like we go from day to day in a stagnant routine. Nothing seems to change, and so we feel like we never get enough rest or time to plan ahead. Sometimes it feels like we're resting on a bed of nails, and a hope for things to be better, resides in the future….1000 years perhaps?

Rapid Fire - On the news, in the past, drive by shootings were popular and riots were a way of life. Live by the sword die by the sword!

Stuck In A Hole - How many people do you know that grew up in a small town, and that town seemed to have nothing to really offer? That's when you have to make it happen…let the bad things in life be the fuel for your fire to turn things around.

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