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Lenny Wolf comments on each song on the album Ain’t Crying For The Moon (2006):

After having done a lot of experimenting with “Perpetual”, I thought it’s time to take out the axe again and rock the house. The new Cd will be one of my heavier recordings. I was trying to build “walls of guitars” in combination with that typical KC moody and spacey approach. It does not have the typical “blues” factor anymore, which many of you may remember from KC’s first records. I have transported my roots into the year 2006. But when we will come to your towns, we will definitely play songs from our early days as well.


I’m a sucker for moody but heavy output. Combining the two extremes like hammering the wall with Two Legged Sheep, but then allowing a typical very floating and spacey breakdown to take the listener to a different planet is something I really enjoy.

Not Here To Be Your Friend is a song I wrote with our live concerts in mind. I think that song will sound even better live, or should I say more exciting, than on cd.

Same Old Stars came out of me wanting to write a song with a more “loose and up-tempo” drum. I think I have accomplished the mission?!? Me being from the waterfront town Hamburg, talking about a lighthouse experience came in handy.

The heavy section of Ain’t Crying For The Moon for example, has an indefinable wall of guitars, in which you cannot detect the real playing method of that riff. It’s rather a “condition” than something clear to define. Even I, who is going to show the band how exactly I did it, must re-listen to the solo track of the guitars, to find out, what the hell I did there ! So you can see, I’m into building and surprising myself more, than to just write the “expected” same things over and over again. Hendrik played the piano and will do it live as well. It’s going to be fun to watch Hendrik play the piano, and then see him “running as fast as he can” to continue the heavy section where he has to play drums!

Perfect Citizen on the other hand is one of my favorite songs. It has that heavy monotone guitar riff beating along, while the floating cleaner sounding guitar underneath is guiding the harmony changes. And when you think you’ve heard it all, something else is coming your way with the outro section, which still leads to the basic pattern of the song. The icing to me is the climaxing guitar solo played by Eric towards the end of the song. It’s wonderful to see how songs can intensify your spirit and emotions, without knowing how and why. But then again, who cares, as long as it works. That’s the magic about music!

This Is My Life says it all in the lyrics. Still getting up every day to do what I’m here for to do. Whether poor or rich! Rocking the house and moving people’s hearts. Connected through music! That seems to be my mission. A “ fun song” to play live.

Bon Scott again says it all by itself through the words. An outstanding singer who gave me a lot of energy during my reckless driving days while growing up!! I love him. Just a: “Thank you Bon” song, in which I added all the typical styles and sounds (as close as possible) which I love about AC/DC.

Removed The Sting is a piece I wrote while I was “once again” waiting for the boys to finish smoking. I just played along and realized: “oohh, that’s cool”. Another light cruiser with words who reflect an experience I recently had.

Friends In Spirit came about a techno sound I was playing around with. Now that sound has more of a trumpet sound to it. I wanted to build a combination of a leading trumpet-horn-techno- figure with hammering guitars supporting them. But then again a verse, which has a mellow acoustic feel to it. Again trying to combine different elements. Talking about friendship being the foundation to all good and lasting relationships. Even love needs a foundation based on friendship for it to last. Not to forget, “respect”for each other!!

Darkroom became one of my brother’s favorite songs. Maybe because he’s got so many darkrooms in his head?!?! ;-)

Look At You is a song I wrote right after I got myself a Fender Telecaster guitar. You can hear that typical Tele-sound in the intro and verses. Something kind of funky I was looking for, but then again followed by a wall of guitars in the chorus, in which I also added a sterile monotone sound to give it a sick and scratchy undertone. You can detect it when you listen carefully.

Across The Universe has been one of my favorite songs from the Beatles. I remember imagining that song with a “simple Ringo Starr like” drum underneath. So here I did it. And of course, I had to bring in the “guitar crunch” in the choruses as well. Just couldn’t resist.

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