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Alex Mele comments on each song on the album The Way Of The Light (2005):

Inexorable Light - The opener song, very important.. great epic intro, and great vocals pitch scream in the middle.. I love it.

The Glory Starts - Classic Kaledon’s song… epic intro… great chorus with awesome drums.

The Angel - Do know my love for Brian May of Queen… maybe you can hear something of him in this instrumental song?! I hope so… ehehhe.

The Hidden Ways - Power metal song with furious drum parts… great bridge and chorus and great feeling.

In The Eyes Of The Queen - Mid tempos song, very cool… Jörg Michael’s favourite song during the recording session...

Mighty Son Of The Great Lord - Fastest song of the album… my favourite to play it live… I love it! Fantastic chorus… great vocals and choirs…. Very important lyrics for the concept meaning.

Voltures In The Air - Other mid tempos song… it remind me something about Iron Maiden but… only the feeling…Cool song.

Lord Of The Sand - Absolutely hard to play… very near to the thrash metal style… great middle part with vocals, keyb and bass…. Great chorus!

Black Telephaty - Instrumental, technical, fast and furious song… crowds keyboard solo from Daniele Fuligni…Very impressive the live version.

Come With Me - Very nice song with participation of female voice in the middle of the song… very dreaming song.

Break The Chant - Other classic power metal song… fast… great guitar riffs, great solos and of course, great vocals…

The Sword On The Shoulder - Song for Jörg Michael’s legs eheehh he runs very much in this song intro! :-) Mid tempo in the middle part… very cool and VERY EPIC.

The Way Of The Light - Classic Kaledon’s interlude with keyboards and vocals only… very great song.

Great Night In The Land - Last song of the album… great fast chorus… epic song with a strong and mighty central part!

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