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Jan Thore Grefstad comments on each song on the album Forever Endeavour (2005):

Spirit Of Salvation - Since this is sort of a concept album, this song begins the story. On this song the main character of this story has been experimenting with some kind of occult meditation that brings him into some kind of coma. He has been reading some books about a passage that will bring him into another world and that he will receive powers beyond his imagination. So this is basically the beginning of this mans' journey to become god (so he believes anyway).

Break The Silence - Here the main character has awoken in this nightmare like world, and have problems to believe that this is all for real , but anyway he thinks he is in another world but in the real life he is in a hospital comatized.His family is trying to reach out for him hoping to wake him up but he can't hear them. His friend have tried to get him to stop his fascination in the occult but without luck. And so his journey continues.

Edge Of Time - This was the first song I wrote lyrics to but we found out that we had to put it as a third. So you might say that this is the beginning of the story (a little jump back in time). On this song the carracter is struggling with voices inside his head, telling him what to do.He thinks that he is special and that he posesses certain powers (what he really needs is a psychiatrist). He wishes that he could leave the real world and leave all troubles behind.

Mindgame Masquerade - This song continues Edge Of Time. Here he has been told to join a cult in order to satisfy his curiosity about the occult and he is struggling with the demons in his head. The cult have manipulated him into thinking that the only way out is to read this sacred book, and that he is the chosen one.

The Sacrifice - Now we are back where he is in a coma. His wife is sitting by his bed talking to him, telling him to wake up (the voice of his wife is sung beautyfully by my wife Adriana). Somewhere in his head he can hear her in the distance. The voice is far away, but he feels that she is close. By the way.. he thinks that his body is dead and that he has passed into his next life. He does not know that he is in a coma.

Surreality - This song and Forever Endeavour was funny to make because we thought that these songs was to regular and to typical , so we made a little swap. And I play all keyboards on these two. We took the verses on forever and put them on surreality and found out that it could work , and the verses on surreality on forever. We was happy with it so there it is. Now he is confronted with his demons, all the bad things he has done in his life. But he is just laughing of it all and this is only making him more angry and determined to go deeper into his transformation to become something else than a ordinary man ( hope you understand this). Anyway, suddently he wakes up.

Forever Endeavour - He wakes up to find his wife sitting there beside him, and he is happy to see her. Now he is afraid to fall asleep because he is not sure if this is what he want. He decides that he will finish what he started and when he comes home he sits down takes an overdose of pills , reads the book and finds himself back in this underworld.

Real Life - This is a hard one to tell you about. He is basically thinking about the possibility to have a normal life but he knows it is to late. This is a song that we thought would be a B side or something but we were happy with it and this song was 80% mine and I wanted it on the cd, beause I thought it was good enough.

Somewhere - Here the wife is trying everything to save his life but realizes in the end that all is lost. I must say I really like this song. It has a good wibe to it , and Lars made the melodies and I think he is an amazing song writer.

Demon Of Damnation - This wraps it up. He meets a demon (or a god). The demon forces him to kneel before him and to become a slave for the rest of eternity. It is then he realises that he is in Hell. The demon gives him powers to rule the world and to make everyone on earth slaves. Of course all his family and friends thought he was insane, well maybe he was, but is this more crazy than most religions. Anyway he wakes up one week later in the morgue. Live and kicking.

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