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Stefan Weinerhall comments on each song on the album Among Beggars And Thieves (2008):

Field Of Sorrows - A fast opener with alot of galopping and double bass drums reminding a bit of the first album. Lyrically it is based upon the Danish king Valdemar IV holding the Swedish port town Visby of ransom in 1361.

Man Of The Hour - Fast and rockish with intense guitar playing. Yet again the Danes are involved in the lyrics. In 1676 the Swedish fleet and its incompetent Admiral met the Danish fleet. The Swedish Admiral in fact had never been at sea but his nobility apparently made him suitable for the job. It all ended with the Swedish flag ship sinking without the Danes doing much at all, the poor leadership and navigation of the Admiral made the flag ship sink to the bottom.

Beggar Hero - A short calm and acoustic song a bit like "Child of innocence". Mathias in duet with Evelyn. Portraying a war hero crippled and ending his days as a poor and starving beggar without anyone remembering his past.

Vargaskall - A power metal version of Mithotyn to my ears. The most Nordic sounding song we've ever done. The lyric deals with the gathering of villagers in the 18:th and 19:th century to join in the wolf hunt. For many years the wolf was extinct after these hunts were done.

Carnival Of Disgust - A rather groovy and folky song. Portraying a man sentenced to death given a chance to live by becoming executioner. Hated but respected in lives by himself outside society.

Mountain Men - A quite theatrical powerful song, a lot of things happening giving the song a very dramatic feel. It is based upon the Swedish national hero Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson that in 1434 went from rebel leader to states man. Rebelling against the Union king Erik of Pomerania who had terrorized and dried out the country and isolating it due to wars. Engelbrekt was assassinated in 1436.

Viddernas Man - A slow and beautiful song in the veins of "The past still lives on". The song is about a beggar roaming the country roads selling his handy works for some food and clothes. Living day by day under the sun and moon. Free and happy though with empty hands.

Pale Light Of Silver Moon - A very fast power metal song, full of intensity and adrenaline. Describing a thief/villain lurking the back streets of a medieval town. A spawn of the gutter, a parasite to the community.

Boiling Led - A very guitar oriented song reminding of the first album again. Mathias first contribution is the lyrics that are about the Swedish king Sverker the elder who was assassinated by his own coach on Christmas day 1156 on his way home from church.

Dark Ages - A very rock..n..rollish song sounding like something from the 80..s. Therefor a bonus track. The song is based on the legend of the sacrifice of Swedish king Domalde in the late 3:rd century. Legend has it that after sacrificing both animals and slaves the starvation and bad growth the elders said that the only thing that would please the gods would be an ultimate sacrifice……the King.

Skula Skorpa Skalk - Sounding like a trad. folk song but it's a Falconer original just like "Himmel så trind". The inspiration for the lyrics are taken from a trad. Lyric dealing with the hard life of serfs and slaves before they became free men in 1337 (by law anyway……) They were not allowed to own anything and they had no legal right, just like animals.

Dreams And Pyres - The most diverse, theatrical, operatic and difficult falconer have ever made. 3 lead vocalists and a lot of orchestrating. Allthough it sounds like a cliché, the lyrics are about the burning of a witch. Based upon a true story. In 1676 Johan Grijs was burned at the stakes 13 years old. For some time he had accused a lot of people to be witches and getting the other children to play along and accusing different people of witchery. Finally the tension between the children became so strong that their union fell apart and many confessed that the accusations were just lies. Some of them slipped away while others got a taste of their own medicine.

Vi Sålde Våra Hemman - Yet a bonus track. On "Chapters….." we did a song called "We sold our homesteads", now we have done it in the original Swedish tongue and without guitars or drums. The pianist we use to work with (Johannes Nyberg) have orchestrated it and plays all instruments.

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