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Stefan Weinerhall comments on each song on the album Grime vs. Grandeur (2005):

Emotional Skies - This lyric is about a man who is torn between emotions he feel after being let down by his girlfriend. Sometimes angry, sometimes sad and lonely. The music follows the emotions I would say. A very pompous and cheesy chorus. YES!!!

Purgatory Time- The lyric is a kind of reaction on Sweden´s lawsystem. Hopefully the lowlifes will get their punishment in the afterlife. (not saying I belive in heaven nor hell). It´s like an assult on the victims to see the rapist walk away with 4 months of jail or sometimes walk free just because the girl was drunk. Same thing goes for most criminal acts, you just get angry of the mockery the sentence is. The music is very Power Metal, fast drums, galloping verse. Very energic.

I Refuse- Have you ever had a girlfriend who bitched on you for all kind of reasons? You could have respected her for the opinions if she just hadn´t gone on and on about it. I have been through this and I got more and more pissed on her. It´s like: quit it, get off my back. I don´t care what you think, must you have so many opinons? Snowy Shaw plays the drums on this slow ultra heavy song which maybe doesn't sound that much as old Falconer. A very pissed off song.

Humanity Overdose - Is there no end to the hunt for eternal life or trying to over populate the planet? Hasn´t mother earth made it pretty clear that we´re too many already? Isn´t it more humane in the long run to let nature has it´s course? Is it necessary to make all that effort on John 87 just so he can survive to drewl for 3 more years instead of letting him go away with dignity? This is the best song on the album I think. A pompous chorus once again and a song that sounds very much like Falconer. A bit progressive maybe but not too much.

The Assailant - About a person who night after night looks for some temporary love without protecting themselves. Isn´t he on the way to indirect suicide? Listen to the music and think about Judas Priest. Very fun song to play, simple but with your concentration on top.

Power - This takes up things that seem to happen all the time. Some high directors of a company takes the opportunity to get even more money down their pockets by stealing it from the little people. Don´t they remember where their roots are? Is the lawsystem equal here? Instead of facing jailtime like heroinaddict Pete they would just get fired from work......for stealing 5 million dollars. Does he know people in high places or what is it that makes him above the law? Maybe a bit confusing when it comes to the music. Modern metal vs. Power Metal vs. lullaby vs. a 80's chorus.

No Tears For Strangers - My neighbour is killed - a chock to me. 100 peacewreckers are killed 2000 miles away - why should I care, how does that affect me. Call me cold, call me heartless but is I have no connection or bonds to a person I will ofcourse not mourn him as much as someone who I can identify with. In these modern days with TV we can get all news of the world, if I should feel and have opinions about everything that happens I would go insane. So of course I think it´s worse if 1 of my neighbours is injured than if someone in Bangladesh is killed. It´s none of my business. Once again very old Falconer in the music. Quick direction changes with acoustic/double bassdrums.

The Return - A song for a drug junkie. Don´t let the drugs run your life for you, don´t you see your heading in the the wrong direction? The darkest song on the album, growls in the bridges and a bit oriental music here and there. Do you hear Ozzy anywhere?

Jack The Knife - Or Jack The Ripper if you want. A picturing song of the jolly good London man. Kristoffers own song with my touch on the music. Also very fun to play though it's not very complicated. By the way, the riff before the solo and in the end we call "the hasch riff". Midtempo all the way through.

Child Of The Wild - Uuuh sharks and wolves are so dangerous we got to kill them all so not more people is killed by them..........???? Shouldn´t we then kill ourselves too, cause your next is way more dangerous than a wolf is. Why are people afraid to walk in the woods at night, it´s way more deadly to go to the pub and have a drink. I thought that we also needed a VERY Falconerish song on the album, so I did this one. Folk elements and bassdrums mixed with metal and some acoustics in the middle.

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