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Elisa C. Martin comments on each song on the album Enclosed (2005):

I Live My Own Life - Aggressive and with a very good refrain. The message of this song is that I live my own life... don't try to control me.

Reverse Universe - ...is the single of the album. I love this song, very modern and original. This song expresses the anger that I feel when they speak of me to the back.

Over The Edge - Very hard song with a very sticky refrain and good guitar solo. Speaks about the lies that a person want to tell me and I don't want to listen.

Living In Fear - Heavy and melodic song that Albert and I sing. Very good keyboards! This song speaks about my fears...

The End Of Your Suicide - A song very commercial in my opinion. This song speaks about the help that I give to a girl who only sees the end of her life.

Innocent Blood - One of my favorite songs. Faster, aggressive and with a very hard lyric that speak about a madman who kill children.

W.W.666 - Heavy metal song with a message for the president of USA...

Face To Face - Half a time where Albert and I sing. This song speaks about the force that I have to fight.

Enclosed - Aggressive song that speak about my sentiments when I feel enclosed in myself.

Perfect Soul - I love this short song that speaks about the sensation that I have on having known that I am not perfect but fight day by day to be better.

Take Me Higher - Beautiful song (like a ballad). The message of this song is very positive.

Promised Heaven - The last song of the album is a conversation with god, I do questions that he must to answer.

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