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Tobias Sammet comments on each song on the album Rocket Ride (2006):

Sacrifice - Longest song on the album, some people wonder why it is opener, I wonder why it shouldn't be the opener. It got all the Edguy elements, it's very powerful and got anthem like melodies, great guitar riffs and epic melodies. It is the evidence that we haven't turned into a comic rock band or a slap-stick band, it is a serious track like ten tracks of the twelve on the album that proofs that we haven't turned cartoon. (Last comment is referring to the interview which these comments are taken from, read the interview here)

Rocket Ride - It is a fast song. It is the opposite to the opener, while Sacrifice is produced with a up to date sound Rocket Ride is produced to give it a more of an eighties sound.

Wasted Time - It's a mixture and a very catchy song as well. It is like it has got some traditional elements but the sound is very up to date. Reminiscent to Scorpions and has got some Rudolf Schenker guitars. It more power metal, but again I don't really know what the differences are. (Last comment is referring to the interview which these comments are taken from, read the interview here)

Matrix - A very modern song and it used to be a Dio kind of song when we wrote and arrange it. We played in the studio to Sascha and he totally changed it and made his own demo of the song and it was like Edguy meets Rammstein. It sounded very weird but still with an Edguy bombastic feel and the album is so strong and could be diversified it we put it on the album.

Return To The Tribe - A state of the art song, its meat and potato Edguy. Up tempo with anthem like melodies and high pitch vocals where I sings a part of the guitar melodies.

The Asylum - A traditional Edguy song as well, it is the second epic on the album with a long running time. To me its the bombastic version of Dio.

Save Me - It is the only ballad on the album. I think a classic Edguy ballad just produced in a very modern way, thanks to Sascha. The hook-line and the chorus are very old style Edguy, but modern with the way it is produced, the drum sound and the guitar sound is very modern, it something similar to that you can hear on TV. It is the only song that would do well as a second single, but that is up to Nuclear Blast to decide.

Catch Of The Century - A classic mid-tempo track that is one of my favourites. Favourites change from week to week but Catch of the Century has always been one of my favourites. The good thing about it is that is a very strong unit, if you take the vocals, the performance and the lyrics, its got an impact and its got an attitude with the whole song. It talks about being ignored down by a woman that you want to be ignored by. A very strong attitude in the song and the topics may appear quite stupid but it is real good topic I think, the lyrics as they are written are quite entertaining.

Out Of Vogue - Very unfashionable, very old style, Jens wrote it and I love it. It is so un-trendy, so old-fashioned and still it is very aggressive and has got a great hook-line and is a good song.

Superheroes - The title track of the EP. A normal mid-tempo track and the most commercial track on the album along with Save Me.

Trinidad/Fucking With Fire - These where made as bonus tracks but turned out so great that we said that we should put them on the album. So Trinidad became an alum track and Fucking With Fire became a bonus track on all editions. These are basically the only cartoon-ish songs where everybody thinks, oh its so funny, but they where meant to be bonus tracks and this time we had the guts and the balls to take them as a real songs on the real album. So there is nothing so cartoon-ish about the whole album I think. (Last comment is referring to the interview which these comments are taken from, read the interview here)

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