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Scott Wilson comments on each song on the album One (2006):

Repentagram - This song has a lot of riffs I wrote kinda off the cuff. Like just fuckin around at practice. We would do that a lot…just kinda fuck around and see if anything good would come out of anybody. I tend to write really fast simple riffs a lot. But for the most part this thing just came together from fuckin around. I'm ok at comin up with a good riff, but when it comes to arranging shit I need all the help I can get. The Slayerish breakdown riff in the middle of the song was some shit I came up with along time ago and we had actually used it for a song on the old demos already. But we didn't like that song anymore for the full length…but we still liked that riff…so we kinda stole it from ourselves and put it in Repentagram. This song turned out to be one of my favorites. Its just so in your face. And its fun as fuck to play live. And the ending kills.

Withdrawal Divine - We wrote this fucker along time ago. I actually like it better on the old demo. What can you do though. We had to rerecord it and it just didn't come out as cool as we all thought it would. Whatever though. I still think it's a quality song. Its got a few of my favorite riffs on there. This was another one that kinda came together from fuckin around. I had some riffs at home that I'd been fuckin around with and we just got together and pieced it together. Theres a real driving chorus riff in there that I love. Chris wrote that. It's a good hair whipper of a riff.

Vagrant Idol - This one was written, for the most part, by Chris and Ben at Chris's house. They just came together with all these riffs and the shit was killer. They pretty much had it arranged too. This one and withdrawal went through a lot of changes before they became what they are today. We would change them like once a month until they felt right. This is the one we shot the video for. The guys at Metal Blade really liked this one. The Lyric are kinda based on a character Nate made up that doesn't have anything, but feels he is better off then the materialistic fuckers because he doesn't have shit to lose.

Beyond Obscene - I think Chris and Nate were really the master minds behind this one. We called it the trucker song for a long time. I love how it goes into this insane vocal/solo/vocal/solo back and forth type shit towards the end.

Perfection And The Infection - We wrote this one to keep the album diverse kinda. We wanted a slower kinda driving tough ass song in there to mix it a up a little. In practice I kinda just thought this song was ok. But when we recorded it and I heard the vocals and everything, it became one of my favorites. It really took shape in the studio. And it builds up so well throughout the whole song.

Heathen Up (Out For Blood) - This one is the party song. A little country metal shit happening in here somehow. This has another break down sorta riff in there that we originally used on a different song back in the day. Again, we really didn't feel like that song belonged on the full length and it was never used for anything else….So we stole from ourselves again. This song took like one practice to put together. Really quick.

Cheat The Leader - Nate wrote most of this song. And I think me and Chris kinda put together some shit for the ending parts. This song is awesome cuz its so fast with all the blast beats and shit. I think this is the one song that is Bush related. Kind of a big fuck you to all the underhanded shit that is going on in the U.S.

Matador - This is another oldie. I really cant remember how this song came about. I remember Nate really had to talk me into the chorus riff though. I really wasn't into it at first. But I think he was right. And it turns out to be a lot of peoples favorite song. Nate and I kinda battle a lot on riffs and shit. But I think its good for the band to do that shit though. If it was just me writin riffs the whole album would sound the exact same. Every song would be the same song…and I wouldn't realize it until the whole album was recorded and done.

To Serve Is To Destroy - This beauty is all Ben Parrish. I think he was listening to too much Pantera at the time and wrote this bad motherfucker. I love this song. And the ridiculous breakdownish riff at the end is fuckin brilliant. This is one of the few songs that doesn't have any solos. I always vote for the solo on every song…But this one doesn't need it. And if it did have one it would probably sound real forced. I guess there is that real slow soloish thing at the end there…but I don't really consider that a solo really.

Ironsides - Fast fuckin shit. I wrote a lot of this song. Nate wrote the killer chorus riff though. But again we all kinda arranged the shit. I love the crazy turn it takes at the end. I love shit like that…when you can switch things up in such a crazy way but it still sounds like the same song you know?

I Am Weapon - This is our punk song. Simple fuckin riffing. And then all the sudden you get this ridiculous chunky riff over blast beats. I think Nate and Chris kinda put this one together. Again, no solo on this one. I love the lyric on this one " Every war starts with you and me…MOTHERFUCKER!!!!" that shit gets me everytime.

Hellraisers - This song is fuckin crazy. There are a lot of fuckin twists and turns in this one. Yet it still keeps a kind of structure to it. To me this is like our masterpiece I think. I love all the bullshit in the middle of it. All kinds of crazy soloing and shit. This is the fuckin song that is for all the raging metal motherfuckers that have partied with us over the years. Its just about fuckin goin off with your friends. This is another one that is fun as fuck to play live.

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